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Best paired with Kalista in LoL.

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Best Kalista SupportBest Kalista Support

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Best support for playing with Kalista in LoL

When it comes to mechanically challenging sharpshooters, Kalista is probably one that comes to mind. She has a rather unique kit that completely revolves around her passive, turning her into a kiting machine. That is, she requires a high level of proficiency, and not many people have it.

Kalista has always been in an odd position in the ADC pool, with the fact that he can’t be buffed or is just too oppressive in pro play. She is currently well-rounded, but needs specific support to reach her full potential.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best supports to play with Kalista. They’re guaranteed to work, and we’ll explain what makes them strong together. You can also check out all of our other best supports lists to see which pair is a good fit for any ADC you play or main.

Thresh – No. Kalista 1 support

Based on the current meta and the synergies between various champions, Thresh is the best support to pair with Kalista. He has all the tools Kalista wants in support: crowd control, engagement, disengagement, redeployment, and a good 2v2.

Controlling the crowd with Thresh’s Hook and Whip (E) will make it impossible for enemies to escape, giving Kalista enough space to kite and apply every stack of Rend (E) while trading. Additionally, Kalista can use her ultimate to relocate Thresh wherever she wants. It can be used to initiate combat or to bring one to safety from a dangerous location. Whatever they do, this duo is ready to succeed.

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In general, all lanes involving Kalista require good coordination. But since the best play is based on quick, responsive execution, Thresh requires more coordination. Both champions must be very skilled and know each other’s limitations to take down their opponents.

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Nautilus – Best Thresh Alternative

If Thresh is captured or banned by the enemy team, Nautilus is the second best choice along with Kalista. He and Thresh have similar capabilities, but Nautilus is much more aggressive and reliable in difficult engagements. He is also relatively easier to play mechanically, making him better for new players and beginners.

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Nautilus provides a good engagement on its own, but Kalista’s ultimate takes it to a new level. Pulling Nautilus in with Fate’s Call (R) allows Nautilus to rush towards the enemy, momentarily closing the gap. When used in conjunction with a crowd control chain, the two can be used to block any target. If you’re behind, you can make your ultimate block to stop enemies from killing Kalista and give her enough space to kite.

Blitzcrank – One of the best hook support with Kalista

Blitzcrank is similar to Nautilus in terms of crowd control abilities, but instead of moving in, Blitzcrank pulls enemies towards him. In most scenarios, Blitzcrank’s grappling hook is better because it puts enemies in dangerous positions.

But beyond that, Blitzcrank and Nautilus work in a very similar way. You always want to win the early 2v2 trade with Kalista and see if she can do her snowball fight. However, this lane relies heavily on the duo’s ability to pair crowd control with Blitzcrank’s hooking ability.

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Pyke – Extremely aggressive support pick.

Playing Pyke with Kalista is one of the highest risk/highest reward combinations in the bottom lane. Unless both players are mechanically adept at handling champions, this combination can backfire very quickly.

Losing early means other parts of the map will have to get ahead, as the bottom lane will likely be useless for most of the game. However, if they can snowball, they will dominate the entire early to mid game, making them a scary duo to play against.

Pike is extremely slippery when engaged, making it more difficult for enemies to read the play. As long as Kalista can keep up with her auto attacks quickly, she can win the game. Always focus on the same target. You must destroy one target as quickly as possible.

Renata Glasc – Meta Counter

If you’re looking for the perfect meta counter, Renata Glasc is the product for Kalista. There are several reasons for this, so let’s look at them one by one.

zeri supports renatazeri supports renata

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The first is that the champion is one of the few enchantment supports that hasn’t been touched or nerfed during the season, making her one of the few viable choices. Renata Glasc also shares great synergy with Kalista, with her ability to save Kalista with W and Bailout in key 2v2 fights. In most scenarios, the extra time Kalista has living with Renata’s W allows her to throw spears, get kills, bail out, win deals, and take the lead. This also happens during teamfights.

Lastly, Kalista can freely change Renata’s position during combat, allowing her to get into a better position to cast her ultimate and hit as many enemies as possible. With so many fierce combat champions, Renata can destroy an entire enemy team with the press of a button.

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