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Best MTG murders at Karlov Manor card trading prices

Ravnica detectives are working for Murder at the Karlov manor Standard legal set, on display Magic: The Gathering The card is worth selling or buying on the secondary market.

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The Murder at the Karlov manor (MKM) Legal standards MTG The set launched via Prerelease events on February 2. Murder and mystery are the themes of the set, sporting face-down mechanics such as Disguise and new ones like Evidence Collection. Top chase cards from MKM are the leaders of the serialized double rainbow foil clan, followed by the Invisible Ink Showcase profile. Play booster packs also feature cards from the List and Special Guests.

At the time of writing, Prices for many of the best Murder at the Karlov manor cards for sale or unspecified collectionor increased when limited copies were removed. We’ll be sure to update them all MKM price tag again the packages have been opened.

The most expensive Ravnica: The Karlov Manor Murders card (regular variant)

Niv Mizzet is cool on the throne in the MTG MKM setFrequent MTG The variants are also worth the money. | Image by WotC

You don’t need to jailbreak the Collector booster to pull MKM The card is worth the money as regular versions of the card can also be sold for top dollar.

MKM usual variationEstimated priceAnzrag, Quake-Mole$22Delney, Streetwise Lookout$18Massacre Girl, Known Killer$16Rakdos, Patron of Chaos$10Guildpact’s Leyline$9Incinerator of the Guilty$8Undergrowth Recon$8Kaya, Spirit’s Justice$7Aurleia’s Vindicator$7Etrata, Deadly Fugitive$7 Archdruid’s Seduction$7

The most expensive Ravnica: The Karlov Manor Murders card (Showcase Dossier, Invisible Ink Processing)

Shocked woman at MTGTop exhibition pulls from MKM. | Image via WotC

Processing of documents displayed in MKM has been applied to 10 rares, 17 rares, and 14 legendary rares, according to WotC. Invisible Ink treatments on Dossier card heads reveal “handwritten” details, only available through the Collector enhancement pack.

MKM Invisible Ink Therapy Card Profile Display is worth the money

MKM Invisible ink treatment cardEstimated priceDelney, Streetwise Lookout #378$50Rakdos, Patron of Chaos #387$45Anzrag, Quake the Mole #385$47Massacre Girl, Known Killer #380$40Vannifar, Evolutionary Mystery #389$28 Trostani, The Three Whispers #388$27Pride of Hull Branch #382$25Vein Ripper #433$25Aurelia’s Vindicator #377$19Incinerator of Sin #381$18Etrata, Deadly Fugitive #386$13Alquist Proft, Master Slueth #384$10Agrus Kos, The Spirit of Justice #383$13The Conspiracy Clarifier #379$10

MKM Displaying file cards is worth the money

MKM Display file cardsEstimated priceAnzrag, Quake the Mole #356$19Rakdos, Patron of Chaos (not profile) #320$12Massacre Girl, Known Murderer #344$14Delney, Watcher of the Streets #337$13Rakdos , Patron of Chaos #369$9Pride of Hull Clade #352$9Vannifar, Evolutionary Mystery #373$7Alquist Proft, Master Slueth #355$5Aurelia, Upper Law #357$6Vein Ripper #346$7Incinerator sin #349$8Conspiracy Clarifier #341$5Trostani, Three Whispers #372$5

The most expensive Ravnica: The Karlov Manor Murders card (borderless and expanded art variants)

Kaya felt the magic on the window ledgeDon’t sleep on these MKM variations. | Image via WotC

Borderless and expansive art treatments in MTG may vary in value. At the time of writing, there are several MKM Cards with borderless or expanded art treatments cost over $5.

Borderless or expanded MKM art processing cards Estimated priceUndergrowth Recon Expansion Art #411$11Expedited Inheritance Expansion Art #404$6Kaya, Spirits’ Justice Without Borders #335$6

It’s all serialized Murder at the Karlov manor Card prices will be increased closer to the official release date MTG set for February 9. Prices may fluctuate until official launch and will stabilize thereafter.