Blog - February 1, 2024

Best MCW loadout and class setup in MW3

IN Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3, The popular assault rifle known as the ACR is back, now called the MCW. It’s easily one of the best guns in the game and we have it Set up class and load the best MCW for you to use.

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MCW’s name change did not take away from its dominance in multiplayer. It’s powerful, extremely accurate, and maneuverable enough to help AR players move quickly to their fixed position. This works well in modes like Hardpoint or Domination, or even in MWZ missions like Storm the Castle. of MW3 Nostalgia is evident at every turn, and MCW (ACR) is just a part of it.

With Gunsmith, The MCW can be customized to become an even more powerful machine. It’s worth waiting until you reach level 44 in MW3 to unlock MCW, and we’re ready to help you dominate online once you do so, so it can become your most used gun online.

This is what we and many others think Set up and load the best MCW class in MW3 hitherto.

Set up the class and load the best MCW in MW3

Best MCW loading screenshot in MW3 multiplayer.Meta. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The MCW is the best assault rifle that is most popular today MW3 hitherto, and that should surprise no one. As it is heavily inspired by ACR’s CoD In the past, this gun was reliable, powerful and dominant in the right hands.

When it comes fish, The “right hand” doesn’t get much better than the Call of Duty League pros! MCW has become the go-to choice for professional matches in the CDL, giving this AR the ultimate stamp of approval for multiplayer matches.

If we are talking about the best MCW class overall then this is also the top choice for assault rifle players in Ranked.

Build the best MCW MW3

  • Muzzle: Billet brake T51R
  • Bin: MCW 16.5 inch cyclone long barrel
  • Optics: Slate or MK reflectors. 23 Reflection
  • Share: RB Regal Heavy Stock
  • Rear handle: RB Claw-PSL handle

The attachment set above is perfect for increasing MCW. damage, range, recoil control, mobilityAnd control, while sacrificing only a little accuracy. But if you hit the target, it won’t be a problem. The MCW 16.5 inch cyclone long barrel is one of the best attachments for weapons as it adds projectile velocity and range, idle targeting, and target stability.

The only sacrifices made with this loadout are Tac Stance spread, hipfire spread, and a bit of targeted walk speed, so the trade-off is completely worth it for being a Powerful AR player in MW3.


I personally also have a copy of this loadout in a second layer using the HMRES Mod Suppressor in the Muzzle slot. Choosing between the L4R Flash Hider and suppressor all depends on the game mode. You now appear as a red dot on the enemy minimap when you fire an uninhibited weapon, stealth is sometimes the better approach, especially if you’re trying to achieve a Good kill streak.

As for the optical slot, it may come down to personal preference. I love MK. 23 Reflection to deal with close range combat, but by far the game most loved by most players is Slate reflectorenters the modern era from Sledgehammer’s previous title, Call of Duty: Pioneer.

Set up the best MCW class in MW3

  • Vest: Infantry shirt
  • Handgun: Rennett
  • Tactic: Stun grenade
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Field equipment: Trophy system
  • Glove: Quick Grip Gloves
  • Boots: Stalker Shoes
  • Gear: Tac mask or EOD pad

This setup is great for any type of gameplay in MW3, Even ranked play when it’s available. It’s a really solid class that can support you no matter what situation you encounter. I think it is Best MCW class overall in MW3.

The Rennett is the best pistol, while Stun grenade will throw your enemy off balance for a few seconds to finish off an easy kill and Semtex is great for tackling goals. Always make sure to throw down one Trophy system with the goal of protecting yourself and your fellow SMG operators.