Blog - February 2, 2024

Best Healer in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

You defeat Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s story. You’re now on quests to find Crew Cards, keeping an eye out for heroes in Siero’s shop. You are finding the best healer for your team, after all, you need to survive. What you don’t realize is that the top healer has been by your side the entire time.

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The best support in Granblue Fantasy: Relinking

Screenshot of Gran's Skills in Granblue Fantasy RelinkGran even has useful early skills beyond healing. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

IN Granblue Fantasy: Relinking, main characters Gran and Djeeta are top healers and supports. The reason why you only have one of each is because they are the same character, just different versions. Choose male, you will get Gran. Choose female, you get Djeeta. No need to worry, they work the same way.

It may seem strange that the character you start with is the best support, not the best attacker or defender, but it’s true. As you learn more about Gran and Djeeta, you will find great healing skills. Panacea helps heal quickly and Clarity heals slowly over time with HP Regeneration. Their support skill, Adept Arts, makes these even better, as it increases healing the higher your Art Level.

Some players like Cagliostro because her Rhizomata skill quickly revives allies in critical condition. But guess what? Gran and Djeeta can do the same thing. They learn a skill called Revive in the latter part of the Defense Mastery tree.

The only catch with Gran and Djeeta is that you need to build them up a lot. You’ll spend a lot of Mastery Points on their Defense tree to help them become good supports. So if you finish the story and haven’t turned the main characters into supports, you might want to unlock Cagliostro with the Crew Pass. Use her as your healer for a while. She’ll go with Rhizomata to revive allies and Boost to heal them, so her kit is ready to go.

Gran and Djeeta’s other bonus is that they have a lot of buff and debuff skills. They can remove enemy buffs with Dispell, slow them with Stall, and grant Debuff Immunity to the party with Veil and DMG Cut with Phalanx. In short, they can heal you while causing your enemies to deal less damage and your party to take less damage. That also helps them become top healers in the industry Granblue Fantasy: Relinking.

If you’re looking for a good DPS to match Gran and Djeeta, I highly recommend testing out Narmaya’s critical damage build. Combine that with Brawler Siegfried and you have a fun party for most fights.