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Best friends for transportation in Palworld

Transport Is one job suitability for Pals and is an important task in Palworld because it reduces the work you have to do since your Friends can put anything you need in storage—but some Friends are better at Transporting than others.

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While Pal is at your base focusing on other tasks, Transport friends do the most important work, especially later in the game. We highly recommend you get a few of the ones listed here.

The best shipping friends in Palworld

Wumpo and Wumpo Botan in the icy biome of Palworld.

Wumpo By far the best shipping Pal in Palworld. Wumpo started with level 4 Transport and can carry multiple items into the chest at the same time.

While Wumpo comes out on top, you might want other Friends to do the job, so we’ve compiled a tier list of Best Pal Transporter in Palworld. We have also included some of the best Pal Carriers in both late match And early gameso you can choose the right Friends for the job no matter where you are.

So, first things first: Here’s the full tier list of the best Pal Carriers in Palworld.

Friends’ namesTransport levelTier rankingWumpoFourth levelSWumpo BotanFourth levelSGrizzboltThird levelAGoriratThird levelAFalerisThird levelAvanwyrmThird levelAVanwyrm CrystThird levelAMossandaThird levelAMossanda LuxThird levelAorserkThird levelARagnahawkThird levelAQuivernThird levelAWarsectThird levelABeakonThird levelAHelzephyrThird levelAAnubisSecond levelARobinquillSecond levelBRobin qui ll TerraSecond levelBIncineramSecond levelBIncineram NoctSecond levelBlovanderSecond levelBWixenSecond levelBBeegardeSecond levelBTombatSecond levelBVerdashSecond levelBKillamariSecond levelBPenkingSecond levelBBushiSecond levelBKatressSecond levelBPengulletLevel oneCBristlaLevel oneCdazziLevel oneCLunarisLevel oneCLamballLevel oneCCattivaLevel oneCDepressoLevel oneC Gob finLevel oneCGobfin IgnisLevel oneCRelaxaurusLevel oneCRelaxaurus LuxLevel oneCFuackLevel oneCSparkitLevel oneCLeezpunkLevel oneCleezpunk IgnisLevel oneCVaeletLevel oneCFlopieLevel oneCFuddlerLevel oneCDaedreamLevel oneCTanzeeLevel oneCDumudLevel oneCFlambelleLevel oneCPetalliaLevel oneCCelarayLevel oneCribbunyLevel oneC

As you can see, transportation is one of the most popular Sutaibilites Jobs among Friends in Palworld. With so many possible options, it’s no surprise that choosing the best option can be a difficult decision. Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to help.

The people you transport at the end of the game are the best Palworld


Wumpo's Paldeck page in Palworld.Up down. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Wumpo and its relative Wumpo Botan are the best Transport Mates for one simple reason. Both have skills at the highest possible level—four. However, because they have some Abilities that are suitable for other jobs, they may get distracted by other chores.

However, having both in your base will make any type of Transport relatively easy. However, keep in mind that they both have level eight hunger, so they will consume a lot of food, like most Pals by the end of the game.

  • Element: Stone
  • Partner skills: Guardian of the Snow Mountain
  • Job suitability: Transport Lv4, Cooling Lv2, Woodworking Lv3, Crafts Lv2
  • Drops may occur: Ice organ, beautiful flower
  • Starvation: 8/10

Wumpo Botany

Wumpo Botan's Paldeck page in Palworld.Stay grass. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Like Wumpo, Wumpo Botan has level four Transport, although its other Job-Relevant Abilities are Craftwork, Woodworking, and Farming. It’s best to assign at least one person to your base, but if Wumbo or Wumpo Botan is distracted by other types of work, Wumpo Botan will be able to take on Transport jobs in the meantime.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Guardian of the grasslands
  • Job suitability: Transport Lv4, Woodworking Lv3, Craft work Lv2, Farming Lv1
  • Drops may occur: Lettuce Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Beautiful Flowers
  • Starvation: 8/10

Moss sand

Moss. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Probably the first Friend you meet in Level 3 Transport, you can find Mossanda relatively early if you visit the Bamboo Forest, where they hang out a lot. You can easily catch one by using Pal Spheres early.

However, Mossanda has a number of other Job-appropriate Abilities, with Tree Planting, Craft Work, and Woodworking level two, so you won’t be able to rely solely on this Friend to keep Transporting. That said, its versatility means it can handle some important tasks at your base.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Grenadier Panda
  • Job suitability: Transport Lv3, Woodworking Lv2, Crafts Lv2, Farming Lv2
  • Drops may occur: Mushrooms, Skin, Tomato Seeds
  • Starvation: 5/10

Mossanda Lux

Electricity. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Like its Grass-type counterpart, Mossanda Lux is a great addition to your base if you need items to get you from A to B, and you might be lucky enough to come across a Mossanda Lux locked in enemy camp—gives you a free Pal if you save it.

Mossanda Lux will participate in other quests at your base with level two in Crafting, Logging, and Power Generation, so make sure you have other Friends who can transport items products at your base to reduce your dependence on this electric giant panda.

  • Element: Electricity
  • Partner skills: Grenadier Panda
  • Job suitability: Transportation Lv3, Woodworking Lv2, Craft work Lv2, Electricity production Lv2
  • Drops may occur: Mushroom, Electric Organ, Leather
  • Starvation: 5/10


Wang Cong. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Gorirat is another Pal that becomes accessible relatively early and is a great addition to your party if you need to transport items quickly—and the fact that it’s significantly smaller than Mossanda means it’s less likely to There is a possibility of problems causing it to get stuck.

Gorirat also has level one Handiwork and level two Lumbering, so be careful, it doesn’t prioritize collecting Wood over clearing your dropped items, but this won’t be too much of a problem if you don’t have Logging page.

  • Element: Neutral
  • Partner skills: Almighty Gorilla Mode
  • Job suitability: Transportation Lv3, Woodworking Lv2, Craft work Lv1
  • Drops may occur: Skin, bones
  • Starvation: March 10


Stand up. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You’ll probably have to wait a while before you can add Vanwyrm to your party, unless you get lucky with an egg found while exploring the map, but it’s definitely worth the wait because Vanwyrm is The perfect friend for transporting items.

Vanwyrm’s only other Job Suitable Ability is level one Kindleling, which you will only require periodically, so its sole focus will be on Transport, unlike both Mossanda and Wumpo and Gorirat variants , it can be difficult to perform the task.

  • Element: Fire, darkness
  • Partner skills: Air Bandits
  • Job suitability: Transport Lv3, Light the Fire Lv1
  • Drops may occur: Bones, Rubies, Gold Coins
  • Starvation: June 10

Vanwyrm crystal

Relax. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Similar to the regular Vanwyrm, you’ll probably encounter this Friend again later unless you get lucky in hatching the eggs—but the Cryst Vanwyrm is arguably the best Transport Friend.

Vanwyrm Cryst also has Proper Cooling at level two, but this is a permanent quest in Palworldand in my experience, Pals won’t do it automatically because it requires their constant attention. As such, Vanwyrm Cryst will only focus on Freight unless you direct it otherwise.

  • Element: ice, darkness
  • Partner skills: Air Bandits
  • Job suitability: Transport Lv3, Cooling Lv2
  • Drops may occur: Organ, Bone, Sapphire
  • Starvation: June 10

Transport your friends to the best top game in the Palworld


Walk like the Egyptians. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Now, we will discuss the Pals that are accessible a little earlier than the ones mentioned above. The first is Anubis, a perfect Friend for Transport, as its other suitable Abilities are Mining and Craftwork. So it won’t be as distracting as most of the Pals on this list.

Catching your first Anubis is difficult and requires a high degree of skill, but you can easily breed Anubis from the start, which is great advice if you plan on using it for Transport.

  • Element: Land
  • Partner skills: Guardian of the desert
  • Job suitability: Transportation Lv2, Crafting Lv4, Mining Lv3
  • Drops may occur: Bones, Big Pal Soul, Innovative Technical Manual
  • Starvation: June 10


Monkeys around. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Many of the friends you meet in the first hour or two of your stay Palworld has first-level Transportation, along with several other Job-Suitable Abilities. So it’s almost impossible to pick someone who excels at Transportation at the start of the game. But if we had to choose, we’d choose Tanzee.

Tanzee also has Farming, Gathering, Logging, and Level 1 Crafting. So it’s best to make sure there are other Friends in your base who can take on these missions so Tanzee doesn’t get caught up in them.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Fun rifle
  • Job suitability: Transport Lv1, Woodworking Lv1, Gathering Lv1, Crafts Lv1, Farming Lv1
  • Drops may occur: Mushroom
  • Starvation: 2/10


Batman. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Tombat is possibly one of the best early-game Transport Mates in the game Palworld because it only has two other tasks, Gathering and Mining, to take care of. More importantly, in contrast to Tanzee for example, it has Transport at level two.

The better news is that Tombat can be easily purchased early in the game Palworld, as it spawns frequently around the starting location at night. Or, you might get lucky and hatch it from an egg. Either way, you won’t have much problem finding one.

  • Element: Dark
  • Partner skills: Ultrasonic sensor device
  • Job suitability: Transport Lv2, Mining Lv2, Collect Lv2
  • Drops may occur: Skin, Little Soul
  • Starvation: 5/10