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Best friends for Palworld logging

Wood is an always important resource Palworld until the very last game. But that’s exactly what Your Friends is for!

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Let’s take a look at some of the best Friends for the wood industry for use in Palworld.

Best woodworking friends in Palworld

Best woodworking friends in Palworld tier list

Before we start talking about which of these Friends is best for your base, we’ll go over 34 Pals has the ability to make woodtheir Lumbering level and where we rank them relative to their compatriots.

Friends’ namesLevel of loggingFloorWumpoBaS levelBushBaS levelWumpo BotanyBaS levelVerdashLevel TwoSWarsectLevel BaAhowlsLevel TwoABlazehowl nightLevel twoACryolinxLevel twoAdinosaurLevel twoADinosaur lightLevel twoAMoss sandLevel twoAMossanda LuxLevel twoAGrizzboltLevel 2BPeriodLevel 2BBreast residueLevel 2Blargest crystalLevel 2Bin ElphidraLevel 2Bin Elphidra WaterLevel 2BRecyclingLevel 2BGoriratLevel 2BEikthyrdererLevel 2BEikthyrderer TerraLevel 2BElizabeeLevel 1BBeegardeLevel 1BrobinquillLevel 1BRobinquill TerraLevel 1BOrchidLevel twoCI’m herLevel OneCPurin NightLevel OneCunitLevel OneCcawgnitoLevel OneCArsoxLevel OneCtanzeeLevel OneClizardLevel OneC

Lumbering Pals best endgame

Verdash Grass rabbit. Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Friend type: Grass
  • Partner skills: Grass speed car
  • Job compatibility: Wood two, plant two, transport two, craft three, collect three
  • Drops may occur: Skin, bones
  • Food: March 10

If you want a Friend that can do more than just chop down trees, Verdash is one of the best Friends for the job. This Pure Grass only has Lumbering Level Two but has a lot of stats for the camp. Verdash will often prioritize crafting projects and gathering crops like Wheat or Lettuce. Then, when those tasks are completed, it will almost always head to the Logging Site to stay busy.

Verdash is a good pure Logger but a great Logger for the main base. Its ability to craft quickly and efficiently before moving on to logging makes it a very good all-round worker. Especially if you’re approaching the late game and no longer require as much Wood as before, Verdash can be a way to ensure your base continues to produce materials while you focus on quests other. Even if you hit the Pal limit of 15 in your base, Verdash would be a great member of any language that has a Logging Site.

Pit Don’t beat around the bush anymore. Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Friend type: Fire
  • Partner skills: Strong blade
  • Job compatibility: Burn wood three, build a fire two, work one, transport two, collect one
  • Drops may occur: Bones, embryos
  • Food: 4/10

When you get to mid-game and need to farm Gunpowder, you want to have Pals with you Tertiary logging to improve your Wood ratio and generate Charcoal quickly. Our favorite Pal for that is Busha Fire-type Pal whose tree-cutting abilities are enhanced by its katana.

While jungle Three is Bushi’s strongest Job Suitable Ability, it also has a lot of other jobs it can handle. This can be a bit annoying—it will often be distracting from work when Kindleling or Transporting begins. Remember to throw it into the Logging Site to ensure it will cut down trees for you if you want a really powerful lumberjack.

That said, Bushi’s job-fitness assessment comes in handy at times. Its Kindle readability makes it useful for creating Pal Metal, Ingots, and Charcoal while you’re deep into crafting. Having a Pal capable of chopping Wood and then transporting it can save you a slot at a crowded base. And Gathering doesn’t take too long, so just a few level one Gathering Friends might be all you really need. As long as you don’t mind its occasional distractions, Bushi can collect all the Wood you really need.

Warsect Warsect can perform a number of missions around the base. Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Friend type: Ground/Grass
  • Partner skills: Hard armor
  • Job compatibility: Timber making three, Work one, Planting one, Transporting three
  • Drops may occur: Honey
  • Food: June 10

Warsect is another level three Lumbering Pal in Palworld. What sets Warsect apart from other Pals like Buchi is its dedication to Logging and Transportation. While its Crafting and Farming are acceptable, there’s almost no problem placing the Warsect in a Logging Site and leaving it that way. Its high Transport value makes it great for getting Wood to where you need it, while also making it useful in that part of your base.

The only annoying part of Warsect is the level one suited abilities. Handiwork One and Planting One are both pretty bad, and Warsect will sometimes get distracted by crafting tasks that it should avoid instead. We strongly recommend that you detect the error and assign it manually to retrieve your Wood. Do that and you’ll have a very efficient woodcutter with only six Food for upkeep. It’s a winner in our book.

Wumpo Up down. Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Friend type: Stone
  • Partner skills: Guardian of the snowy mountains
  • Job compatibility: Lumbering three, Transporting four, Cooling two, Manual work two
  • Drops may occur: Ice organ, beautiful flower
  • Food: 8/10

Speaking of flexibility, Wumpo is a must-have pick for a late-game base and the best lumbering Friend in Palworld. This Yeti is pure Ice with Three-sawn wood and something amazing Fourth level transportation. This makes Wumpo one of the most effective Lumbering Pals in the game—it can quickly go from chopping down trees to delivering high-priority goods to the right chest, and has the carrying capacity to do that work. Wumpos are located only within Wildlife Refuge No. 2, which is north of Obsidian Mountain, but the high levels and hostile security within the Sanctuary make capturing these fellows a chore.

Its versatility—like Bushi’s—is a double-edged sword. Wumpos will often be perfectly content staying at home, chopping wood before deciding it’s time to move on to your Cooler. For a Wumpo to focus on only one Logging Location, it is almost necessary to designate it by picking it up and throwing it at that location. It will be distracted by the continuous use of the Assembly Line and carrying random goods.

Its variant, Wumpo Botan, has similarly good logging and transport abilities but has a meager Planting One instead of Cooling Two. It’s still an excellent lumberjack, but watching it slowly sow Berries instead of chopping Wood can be frustrating.

Lumbering Pals best early game

Some of the most dedicated Lumbering Pals are present in the early stages of the game. Palworld. This makes them a viable option for Friends who just sit on the Website logging all day instead of trying to help everywhere.

Eikthyrderer Oh, deer. Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Friend type: Neutral
  • Partner skills: Rangers
  • Job compatibility: Wood two
  • Drops may occur: Eikthydeer Venison, Leather, Horn
  • Food: 5/10

Pal is by far the best early game sluggish Eikthyrderer. This is because Eikthyrdeer is an extremely early and low-level Pal with Second level lumber and there are no other job stats, leaving it focused on cutting down trees—no other distractions. Along with Fenglope and Elphidran, this is one of the three Pals that specialize in the art of felling trees.

This early game purple deer is found throughout the early forests of Palworld and not an extremely powerful Friend—like many early-game Friends. Its Neutral type and skills make it relatively weak in combat, and it doesn’t exactly have moves or defenses to help. Unlike Fenglope, it also makes riding slow.

By locking it to the base, you will quickly collect Wood. Very few early Friends are likely to be suitable for second-level work in any category — let alone the one you’ll need to get your daily pile of Lumber. Their singular focus is a breath of fresh air compared to easily distracted Friends like Cattiva. Also, watching an Eikthyrdeer headbutt trees all day is pretty funny.

dinosaur Don’t step on Dinossum’s tail and you’ll have a great gardener by your side. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

  • Friend type: Grass/Dragon
  • Partner skills: Fragrant dragon
  • Job compatibility: Cut two, plant two
  • Drops may occur: Wheat
  • Food: June 10

Another big winner is dinosaur, another jungle friend from the beginning of the Palapagos Island game. Fragrant Dragon has a second level Lumbering but also comes with Planting secondary trees. This means that it will be distracted from the job of felling trees and only focus on sowing seeds. Then it will be right back to cutting down trees.

For many start-up facilities, having multiple people perform multiple tasks is a good idea. After all, your Friends need to eat, and very few Friends are capable of doing the Planting, Watering, and Gathering tasks at the same time. Dinossum can perform part of the food processing process while focusing on your Logging Site at all times. This is great for starting bases and even dedicated Lumber farms want some Pal that can feed their colleagues. Dinossum can help quite well there while still being mainly dedicated to logging.