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Best friends for farming in Palworld

Cultivation is one of the first things you need to do on your plants. Palworld base. After all, your friends are hungry and that food has to come from somewhere. Luckily, some of the best Grow Buddies can make that process happen relatively quickly.

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For those of you just starting to build your base, luckily there is You plant trees that are easy to find appears near the starting area of ​​the game where you start Palworld trip. As you progress, through that adventure, you’ll probably want to leave those early starters to better Friends who can plant seeds faster.

The best friends to grow plants in Palworld tier list

Screenshot by Dot Esports via Pocktepair YouTube

We have come up with a list all the friends in Palworld with the ability to grow crops and have Rank them based on their level in the Job Suitability section. Friends with higher Planting levels will perform the quest faster than those with lower levels, allowing them to plant more crops in the same amount of time. If you’re looking to make your base gardeners as productive as possible, look to the top of this list to find your ideal Palworld candidate.

Below these rankings, you’ll find a more comprehensive breakdown of the best Plant Buddies, where to find them, and why they’re rated so highly on our list .

Friends’ namesPlanting levelTier rankingLyleenFourth levelSBroncherryHigher levelAPetalliaThird levelAMammorestSecond levelBVaeletSecond levelBVerdashSecond levelBDinossomSecond levelBelizabeeSecond levelBMossandaSecond levelBCinnamothSecond levelBCCapritySecond levelBWarsectLevel oneCWumpo BotanLevel oneCBeegardeLevel oneCRobinquillLevel oneCBristlaLevel oneCFlopieLevel oneCGumossLevel oneCTan zeeLevel oneCLifmunkLevel oneC

The best plant-growing friend in Palworld


Flower Queen. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Lyleen is undeniable best plant growing friend thanks to the level four Tree Planting index. It also doesn’t take too much effort to get that top spot, as this is the only Pal with Level Four Planting in the entire Paldeck. Lyleen also boasts Crafting (level three), Gathering (level two), and Medicine Production (level three) stats, making it a useful worker to have in your base.

Naturally, this makes identification and capture especially difficult. To find Lyleen, go to the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point, then head northeast. You will need to cross the sea before coming across a massive ancient structure. Lyleen spawns in this area around level 40, so be sure to bring your best guns and equipment.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Harvest goddess
  • Job compatibility: Cultivation (fourth level), Crafts (third level), Medicine production (third level), Gathering (second level)
  • Drops may occur: Low-end medical supplies, Beautiful flowers, Innovative technical manuals
  • Starvation: June 10

The best late-game plant friends in Palworld


Broncherry’s main focus is Horticulture. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Broncherry is a trusted arborist in Palworld with three levels in skill. One advantage it has over Lyleen is that Farming is the only Job Match Ability it has on its resume, meaning it won’t go to another job and neglect your fields. This makes it Best single skill Planting Pal and it is for this reason that we ranked Broncherry above the other tertiary Planting Pal.

You can find Broncherry around the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster fast travel location at coordinates -105, -467—the same location where you can find and capture Moazzarina for Milk. When we found it, we were already level 19, so remember to take a few Mega Spheres with you.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Too emotional
  • Job suitability: Cultivation (high school)
  • Drops may occur: Broncherry Meat, Tomato Seeds
  • Starvation: 7/10


A great worker for your garden. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Like Lyleen, Petallia has many hands in many plant beds — and that means it excels at many Suitable for the Job abilities. Farming is the highest stat at level three, but it also has level two in Medicine Production, Gathering, and Craftwork. It rounds out its list with a level in Shipping, making it a solid all-rounder.

To catch Petallia, you will have to walk to Pal Sanctuary No. 1, located south of the starting island across the ocean. Petallia starts spawning at level 28, so make sure you’re leveled up before making the trip.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: God’s blessings
  • Job compatibility: Cultivation (third level), Crafts (second level), Harvesting (second level), Medicine production (second level), Transportation (first level)
  • Drops may occur: beautiful flower
  • Starvation: March 10

Best early game plant friends in Palworld

Planting fields to grow your own food is something you want for your base as soon as possible. So if you are just starting out Palworldyou may want to prioritize these early-game Friends.


Get a new leaf. Screenshot of Dot Esports

It might not technically be considered a starter Friend, but Lifmunk could actually be one as it might be the first Grass-type Friend you meet. Therefore, this is also one of the first Friends you will catch with the Suitable Feature for Farming. Of course, it’s only level one, but Lifmunk is quite versatile, having no less than four other job-appropriate Abilities. So it’s worth catching a few even if you haven’t crafted any fields yet.

There are plenty of early-game locations where you can find and capture Lifmunk, but we recommend just following the path to Rayne Syndicate Tower and you’ll come across it.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Lifmunk snaps back
  • Job suitability: Cultivation (first level), Crafts (first level), Harvesting (first level), Wood making (first level), Medicine production (first level)
  • Drops may occur: Berry County, Low Grade Medical Supplies
  • Starvation: 1/10


Monkeys around. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You might have gone after Tanzee if only so you could see it wielding an assault rifle, but it’s also another great initial addition to your base. If you’re having trouble finding and catching Lifmunk, the Tanzee is the perfect alternative as it has many of the same job-suitable traits, making it proficient in areas other than Farming. The only difference is that Tanzee can help transport items and resources to your containers.

Like Lifmunk, you can find Tanzee in the grassy areas towards Rayne Syndicate Tower. Or you can head to the areas just west of the Small Settlement.

  • Element: Grass
  • Partner skills: Fun rifle
  • Job suitability: Farming (first level), Craft work (first level), Gathering (first level), Wood chopping (first level), Transportation (first level)
  • Drops may occur: Mushroom
  • Starvation: 2/10


A new Goomba. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you want a Pal you can catch extremely early and will only devote yourself to Planting at your base, you’ll want Gumoss. While it lacks the versatility of Lifmunk and Tanzee, you’ll never have to worry about Gumoss moving on to do something else since it only has one Job Suitable Ability. Maybe get two so you can keep one at the party because Its partner skills improve your own sluggish efficiencymakes it a little easier to accumulate Wood, which is one of the most important materials for the early game.

Just like the last two Pals, Gumoss is not difficult to find. Just follow the path from the starting area to the Rayne Syndicate Tower and you’ll eventually encounter one or two.

  • Element: Grass/Soil
  • Partner skills: Login support
  • Job suitability: Cultivation (first level)
  • Drops may occur: Berry Seeds, Gum Leaves
  • Starvation: 1/10