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Best Characters in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Ranked

While each of the four main characters in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League Relying on guns, their playing styles are quite different. Therefore, choosing the best character in the game will always depend on your personal preferences.

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Not every character can pilot each weapon. So similar to other action shooters, in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice LeagueYour best choice will be a character with accessible abilities and weapons that suit you best.

However, this doesn’t mean some people don’t feel better than others, especially in the chaotic Metropolis infested with aliens. We’ve played our fair share of the game and here it is Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League Main characters, ranked from bottom to top.

4) King shark

King shark scamWho is the big boy? Screenshot via Rocksteady

King Shark is the powerful and perfect choice for tanks and heavy machinery users right from the start. So it’s no surprise that he can wield a variety of assault rifles, handguns, and most importantly a shotgun, which slowly but surely becomes the iconic weapon of he.

Nanaue is capable of some big jumps, which is simple but effective in this case. It’s hard to imagine him being as acrobatic as the rest of the Suicide Squad. I consider Shark to be a big, strong piece of meat that can deal a lot of damage, uses heavy weapons, and has fairly simple gameplay. While for some this type of experience is fun, it doesn’t work for me and don’t click here.

However, what works for Shark is his personality. While the other three members are often noisy, constantly arguing about something and never really quiet with their nonsense, Nanaue is a bit goofy but relatively quiet, going straight to the point. problem and considerate. Like Drax the Destroyer in James Gunn Guardians of the galaxy trilogy of works.

3) Deadly shot

Deadshot looked at Batman.Image via Rocksteady Studios

Deadshot has the easiest gameplay for those who consider themselves snipers in these types of games. His proficiency is with pistols, assault rifles, and snipers, but the mobility of a jetpack gives him more emphasis on the latter. It allows Deadshot to always stay above enemies and quickly change his position if needed, where he can prepare for deadly shots (forgive me for the pun).

It’s obvious that someone who describes himself as “someone who never misses a shot” is biased toward sniping and focuses on critical hits. While Deadshot’s protagonist can quickly become a powerful sniper or rifleman, he offers almost nothing else. His mechanics are smooth and satisfying, but he hardly offers anything else that’s at least partially interesting. His personality also leaves much to be desired. He’s as neutral and blank as can be.

2) Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn cheatsSwing in. Screenshot via Rocksteady

Harley is a tough one as she will definitely take up different positions in every player’s rankings. She specializes in mid-range combat, with pistols, SMGs, and grenades as her main tools. These actually work quite well with Harley’s traversal mechanism, which takes the form of a grappling hook. It allows her to stay in the air and constantly switch positions, however, I personally felt there was something odd and clunky about it, and it never made me feel uncomfortable.

Ultimately, Harley’s playstyle is the most versatile, but it’s certainly strongest when used in mid-range combat to finish off enemies with her baseball bat. While this is fun in theory, it’s not my cup of tea and the lack of polish in combat makes her feel slow to play. However, if you love Harley’s quirky, quirky humor and experimental gameplay, you’ll quickly fall in love.

1) Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang throws his boomerang at the enemy.Follow boomerang! Image via Rocksteady Studios

When I first experienced it Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League, I didn’t think an Aussie Flash villain would become my favorite, especially with a madman, an assassin, and a Shark-like demigod on the team. But Captain Boomerang did it.

His explosive and flexible playstyle allows you to choose the direction you want, with his weapons being SMGs, sniper rifles and shotguns. However, the standout element of the anti-hero’s suit is his boomerang. Captain Boomerang’s use of his signature weapon in the game is truly an achievement in itself, however, it’s different from what you’d expect. He uses the boomerang to quickly reposition as he can teleport to the boomerang’s location, allowing for sweet flanking and all-out attacks.

Boomerang is not a beefy character so collecting shields to survive is a must, but it’s also just pure fun. His explosive and dynamic playstyle allows you to wreak havoc wherever you go, with his quick movement and mid-range weapons providing what feels like a match made in heaven. Oh, and he has the stereotypically loud Australian personality, which I personally understand.