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Below are the first LoL Patch 14.3 patch notes

Dragon lovers will be fascinated League of Legends Patch 14.3with a new dragon champion, Aurelion Sol changes and an eye-catching Year of the Dragon skin pack all coming in the February update.

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In addition to the excitement about the fire dragon, Riot Games developers are also rolling out a series of changes, including nearly a dozen item buffs and nerfs, a series of champion tweaks, and enough shake-up changes. meta means Season 14 will probably happen. to refresh again after this patch hits live servers.

This is everything about Tournaments Update patch 14.3.


  • When will League Patch 14.3 be released?
  • What’s in League Patch 14.3?
    • Smolder’s (and his mother’s) fiery appearance
    • Items still count the most in buffs and nerfs
    • Ranking tweaks are being rolled out, but not necessarily this patch
    • Another swing at Aurelion Sol
    • Riot celebrates the Year of the Dragon with new skins
  • League 14.3 patch notes
    • Champion
    • Items
    • overview
    • Fixes
    • Skin

When League Patch 14.3 available online?

This February update will be available on the above live servers Wednesday, February 7. Once Riot locks in the patch, the roll-out will begin in Oceania at 10am AEDT and then roll out to key regions. League servers around the clock.

Here are all the major patch times:

  • 3 p.m. CT (NA)
  • 5am ​​GMT (Western EU)
  • 3am CET (Northeastern EU)
  • 8 a.m. KR (Korea)

This is the countdown to NA League liberate, release, free.


Expect servers to be down for a few hours once the patching process begins. Matchmaking will be disabled on all League queue three hours before the update goes live.

What’s in there? League Patch 14.3?

Smolder’s (and his mother’s) fiery appearance

Tournaments The new little dragon arrives in this update, complete with its fiery charm. This marks the 167th character Riot has released since 2009 and the first to be released in 2024. League season.

Smolder is interesting because he is almost a double character. While adventuring around Summoner’s Rift, many of his abilities are also related to his mother, a much larger and scarier monster. This is best shown in “MMOOOMMMM!” his. finally, where she burns her enemies and heals her son’s wounds.

You can expect to see Smolder play primarily in the bot lane⁠—where he was designed to slot in⁠—but he could also easily move north to mid eventually.

Updated Jan 31, 10:17 a.m. CT: Smolder was released early in Patch 14.2.

Smolder's basic splash art.Isn’t that the cutest guy you’ve ever seen? Image via Riot Games

Items still count the most in buffs and nerfs

Riot is continuing to review a series of items following the Season 14 overhaul, with a total of 24 items on the list. These changing items range from Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Seraph’s Embrace to the Essence Reaver, Kaenic Rookern, and Rod of Ages.

Ranking tweaks are being rolled out, but not necessarily this patch

The developers are still considering tweaks to the ranking system. They realized that there were some initial placement errors where the visual rank was often set too high, creating a negative LP level for the player. They are also looking closely at boundary downgrades as well as LP increases at higher ranks. However, these changes will appear in “future patches,” so they are not a guarantee for version 14.3.

Another swing at Aurelion Sol

While a small dragon attacks the Rift, the game’s original iconic cosmic dragon Aurelion Sol is receiving changes designed to push him out of his super-scale comfort zone and towards to “active play and early-game agency.” His Q, W, and E are all affected, especially how he can optimize the stacks on his Singularity.

Wallpaper of Aurelion Sol in League of LegendsNo dragon-themed update (accidental or otherwise) can remove Aurelion Sol. Image via Riot Games

Riot celebrates the Year of the Dragon with new skins

ARE NOT League The season opener wouldn’t be complete without a few celebratory skins, and this time Riot didn’t disappoint. In Patch 14.3, players will be able to get their hands on some new items Heaven cosmetics designed to represent the Year of the Dragon and all things Chinese mythology.

Popular characters like Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Lee Sin, and Diana were chosen for this honor, with Ezreal and Lee Sin even receiving special variants; this pair will receive Prestige and “Divine” edits, respectively.

Here are all the Heavenscale skins coming in this patch:

  • Heavenly Flame (1,350 RP)
  • Diana Paradise (1,350 RP)
  • Ezreal Paradise (1,350 RP)
  • Prestigious Ezreal Heavenscale (2,000 Event Tokens)
  • Janna Paradise (1,350 RP)
  • Heavenly Kai’Sa (1,350 RP)
  • Lee Sin Paradise (1,820 RP)
  • Divine Lee Sin (Via Special Distribution)
  • Heavenly level Master Yi (1,350 RP)

These skins will appear in the 14.3 Patch cycle.

Mythology is everywhere you look in the new interface. Image via Riot Games

I gathered it all early League Notes for the February 7 update are below. Remember, until Riot publishes an official patch, any of these buffs, nerfs, and changes are still very tentative and we could see them removed at any time.

League Patch notes 14.3


Aurelion Sol

  • Q cost reduced from 45-65 to 30-50, stacks per champion increased from one to three.
  • W cost reduced from 80-100 to 50-70, cooldown reduced from 22-16 to 15-11 seconds, damage gain (Q) increased from 14-20% to 18-26%.
  • E stacks per minion/small monster unchanged, per large minion/monster reduced from three to two, per champion/large monster reduced from five to two.


  • Heal reduced from 7.0 plus 0.75 to 5.0 plus 0.6.


  • Monster passive damage over time reduced from x2.2 to x2.0. The per tick limit remains unchanged at 80.
  • Q base damage reduced from 80-200 to 70-190.


  • W cooldown reduced from 20-16 to 20-12 seconds, cost reduced from 100 to 80, ability power ratio increased from 40 to 60%.
  • Pack holding time reduced from 60 to 45 seconds, out-of-combat speed with pack reduced from 40 to 30 percent, cooldown reduced from five minutes to four.
  • Currently the package is damaged:
    • Facility: 30-85 lerp 7-18.
    • Base damage increased by 100%.
    • Magic power increased by 60%.


  • Base damage P/Q reduced from 10-180 lerp to 9-162 lerp, total attack damage ratio reduced from 120 to 115 percent, ability power and Q ratio unchanged.


  • RQ explosion damage reduced from 35-350 (plus 70% ability power) to 40-310 (plus 50% ability power).


  • Passive damage of target’s total health ability power over time over three seconds reduced from 1.5 to 1.25%.
  • Q damage ratio reduced from 45 to 35%.


  • Base mana regeneration reduced from 7.2 to 6.
  • The passive healing base stops (4-34) have now been removed, the total health scaling cap increased from 4-12 to 4-13.25%.
  • Q cooldown reduced from 8-5 to 7-5 seconds, cost reduced from 60 to 40.
  • E cooldown changed from 14 seconds to 16-12 seconds, cost changed from 45-85 to 60-80.
  • R cooldown changed from 120-100 to 130-90 seconds.


  • Magic resistance growth increased from 1.3 to 1.45.
  • E healing increased from 35-195 (plus 27.5% ability power) to 50-150 (plus 35% ability power), attack speed increased from 20-60% to 30-70%.


  • Base armor increased from 45 to 47.
  • Q cost reduced from 74-90 to 70-90.
  • W speed increased from 40% plus 150% lethality to 45% plus 200% lethality.
  • E base damage increased from 105-265 to 100-300.


  • Base health reduced from 620 to 590.
  • Q bonus damage, total physical damage ratio reduced from 0-20 to 0-15%.
  • Enhanced Q bonus damage ratio reduced from 40 to 30%.


  • Coming soon…

Running sluggishly

  • Base health reduced from 686 to 650.
  • Q base damage reduced from 20-100 to 10-90.


  • Coming soon…


  • Champions will receive top lane buffs, more details coming soon.


  • Coming soon…


  • Base damage increased from 53 to 56.
  • R cooldown reduced from 100-70 to 80-70.


  • Armor increased from 18 (plus 4.5) to 21 (plus 4.7).
  • W cooldown reduced from 24-12 to 20-12 seconds.


  • Mana regeneration increased from 13 (plus 0.4) to seven (plus 0.8).
  • Q cost reduced from 70 to 55.
  • W cooldown on small unit kills increased from 20 to 35 percent, large unit cooldown refund unchanged (still 100%).


Archangel staff

  • Price reduced from 3,000 to 2,900.


  • Coming soon…

Essence robber

  • Coming soon…

Guinsoo’s Rage Blade

  • Coming soon…

Kaenic Rookern

  • Total shield health reduced from 20 to 18 percent, cooldown while out of combat increased from 12 to 15 seconds.

Luden’s companion

  • Price reduced from 3,000 to 2,900.
  • Magic power increased from 90 to 95.
  • Damage per stack changed from 40 (plus 8% ability power) to 45 (plus 4% ability power).

malignant disease

  • Price reduced from 2,800 to 2,700.
  • Damage per second reduced from 60 (plus 6% ability power) to 60 (plus 5% ability power).

Modern stick

  • Innate health increased from 350 to 400.
  • Innate mana increased from 300 to 400.

Seraph’s hug

  • Coming soon…

Static knife

  • Price reduced from 3,000 to 2,800.
  • Damage to champions changed from 100-180 to a flat 90.

Cycling machine

  • New recipe: Tiamat, Page, Dagger, 700 gold, total cost increased from 3,000 to 3,300.
  • Health increased from 400 to 450.
  • Attack damage reduced from 55 to 50.
  • Cooldown reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • Active now deals 80% total attack damage to enemies (still slows), passive now deals total attack damage (40% melee/20% ranged) to nearby enemies (still increases speed inflict physical damage).

youmuu’s sword

  • Coming soon…


  • Coming soon…


  • Coming soon…


Heavenscale Smolder Heavenscale Diana Heavenscale Ezreal Prestige Heavenscale Ezreal Heavenscale Janna Heavenscale Kai’Sa Heavenscale Lee Sin Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin Heavenscale Master Yi

This article is being updated through the Federation’s patch cycle.