Blog - February 7, 2024

Below are Palworld’s February 6 patch notes

Pocketpair continues to release consistent patches for fixes by Palworld Key issues as they are pointed out by the community or discovered internally. This latest update continues that trend by finally addressing two major bugs along with some smaller annoying issues.

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Released on February 6, the latest patch on Steam and Xbox serves as a companion to by Palworld the second most recent update—also hitting areas flagged since that update was released. This includes a bug that prevents Lifmunk Effigies from increasing your capture rate and un-editing previously unusable save files.

Here are the full patch notes for by Palworld Steam version v0.1.4.1 and Xbox version v0.1.1.4. And again, the two versions of the game were still released at different times.

Palworld Patch: Full update notes for Steam version v0.1.4.1 and Xbox version v0.1.1.4

Main game bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to always crash and save data to become corrupted when the total number of Friends captured by the guild reached approximately 7,000 on a single server.
    • Save data corrupted by this issue will load normally after applying this patch to your game.
  • Fixed an issue where players could see their equipped weapons disappear when another player used a grenade in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an ongoing issue where capture probability was shown to increase after being buffed with a Lifmunk Effigy but did not actually increase “due to an internal processing error”.

Basic issues resolved

  • Friends manually assigned to livestock farms will no longer go to sleep and never wake up.
  • Fixed an issue where trees cut down by a Friend in the Base would not drop wood.

General notes

  • “Measures have been implemented to deal with certain frauds and exploits.”

With over 19 million players having touched the game since its launch on January 19, Pocketpair continues to prioritize these major fixes in its patches. But we should get an update soon by Palworld content roadmap moving forward.