Blog - February 4, 2024

Below are every day updates on Riot’s LoL patch schedule for the 2024 season

The 2024 season has arrived League of Legends in early January, introducing a series of gameplay changes. Developer Riot also revealed the patch schedule for the year.

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Like every year, the 2024 season has a calendar with change every two weeks. They are aimed at both professional players and average players trying to climb the ranked ladder.

Patches are an important part of League because they keep the game fresh. Typically, Riot developers look at the strongest and weakest champions and items, trying to balance the game as much as possible. However, with over 165 champions in the game and dozens of items, runes, etc., it’s obviously difficult.

Here’s what you need to know about 2024 League patch schedule.

How often does Riot release? League patch?

Nasus powers up in a large blue circle in League of LegendsNew skins and champion changes are added to the game every two weeks. Image via Riot Games

Frequent, League Patches are released every two weeks on Wednesday or Thursday. There are some cases where there is a three-week break instead, but that’s only occasionally. However, sometimes, patches fail to resolve some issues, and developers roll out hotfixes to adjust them as quickly as possible, usually a day or two after the initial update. .

How to check the upcoming League change

Testing upcoming changes before they hit the live server is a perfect way to prepare for the official launch. This way, you can stay three steps ahead of your opponents and excel in the new meta right after the update. To do that, you can Set up a PBE account.

The PBE is a demo server where you can experience upcoming tweaks firsthand before they are officially added. League. Luckily, setting up your own PBE account is no longer a big deal.

What is the present? League patch?

Right now, players are playing on the latest update of the 2024 season, Patch 14.1B. Another update, Patch 14.2, will be available in the second half of January.

League Patch schedule for 2024

PatchRelease dateNote14.1Wednesday, January 1014.1 Main | 14.1 B14.2Wednesday, January 2414.2 Main14.3Wednesday, February, 714.3 Main14.4Thursday, February, 2214.5Wednesday, March, 614.6Wednesday, March, 2014.7Wednesday, April, 314.8Wednesday , April, 1714.9Wednesday, May, 114.10W ednesday, May 1514.11Thursday, May 3014.12 Wednesday, June 1214.13Wednesday, June 2614.14Wednesday, July, 1714.15Wednesday, May Saturday, 3114.16Wednesday, August, 1414.17Wednesday, August, 2814.18Wednesday, September, 1114.19Wednesday, September, 2514.20Wednesday, October, 914 .21Wednesday, September 23 10 years 23.22Wednesday, November 11 614.23Wednesday, November 2014.24Wednesday, December 11Official patch schedule via Riot Games