Blog - February 6, 2024

Below are all of Destiny 2’s Eververse items this season

Tess Everis runs Destiny 2 inverse shop, where players can use Silver or Bright Dust to purchase a rotating collection of cosmetics. Tess’s inventory changes as it resets every Tuesday, bringing new products to players and Destiny Fashionistas will probably be glued to the Eververse calendar.

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Bungie recently changed its API formula, which previously allowed sites like to detect exactly what and when specific items will appear and build a comprehensive calendar. face. However, now players can only know if an item that will definitely be available in Bright Dust this season.

This is Eververse store rotation, based on data from and weekly offerings. Bungie may change these items at any time.

Destiny 2 Eververse rotations, calendars and items this week

Three guardians were standing in front of the Awakening gate.  Ahamkara's head and tentacles are passing through the gate behind them.Season of the Wish will be one of the longest in the game. Image via Bungie

Eleventh week (February 6 to 13)

  • Pale Rider (Fourth Rider Ornament)
  • Sparks Festival Weird Emojis
  • Flower transition effect
  • Circadian Chill shader
  • Hazard Pay shader

Bright dust offering

  • Crystalline Lodestar (Permeable Glove ornament)
  • Aurora’s Sacrifice (Holy Fire Heart Decoration)
  • Digital Variance (Star-Eater scale decoration)
  • Origami Crane Weird Emoticons
  • Legendary Emote Jubilant Decree
  • Arcade Ghost Shell
  • Kosmos ray ship
  • Escape from Dodge sparrow
  • Tiger moon projection
  • Chalco’s Finery shader
  • Grayscale growth shader
  • Empirical required shader
  • Game player shader
  • Taken Go to transition effect
  • Cabal Shield Breaker’s transformation effect
  • Stasis entrance metabolic effect

Eververse Schedule: Decorations will be sold with Bright Dust this season Destiny 2

The items in this list are based on data from Bungie may change these services as Final shape coming nearly. We only include weapon and armor decorations.

Armor decorations:

  • Crystalline Lodestar (Permeable Glove ornament)
  • Beast Whisperer (Ahamkara’s Claw Ornament)
  • The Rebirth of Adamantine (Loreley’s Splendid Ornament)
  • Aurora’s Sacrifice (Holy Fire Heart Decoration)
  • Weapon exhibition (Assassin’s Cowl decorations)
  • Digital Variance (Star-Eater scale decoration)

Weapon decorations:

  • Broken logic (Necrochasm)
  • Arsenal Ceremony (The Navigator) (sold)
  • Dancing Harlequin (Huckleberry) (sold)
  • Merry Maker (Monte Carlo decoration) (sold)
  • Riskrunner (sold)
  • Whaler’s Whim (Wish-Ender) (sold)
  • Indicator: Crash (Sleeper Simulant)
  • Flowing Phoenix (Final Warning) (sold)
  • Sweet Business (sold)
  • Logic (Lament) (sold)
  • Internal Burning (Lament)
  • Western Front (Monte Carlo) (sold)
  • Pale Rider (Fourth Rider)
  • Matterscourge (Complete Outbreak)
  • Almighty (Tractor Cannon) (sold)
  • Chronos Exegesis (No Time to Explain)
  • Infinite Gift (Vex Mythoclast)

Ships, sparrows and notable items:

  • Luminous Void shader (season 22 animation shader)—previously only available in Silver
  • Roaring Iron Sparrow (Rage Dragon Set)
  • Steelsky ship (Dragon’s Wrath set)
  • Glowing Sparrow (Photonic Apparatus)
  • Roaring Primitive Sparrow (Hoarder) (sold)
  • Bipectinate Craft Ship (L-Uwu-Cent Pack) (sold)
  • Mirthmobile Sparrow (Dawn)
  • Polar Prancer Dawn Sparrow
  • Silverwing Kestrel (Dawning) (sold)
  • Dawning (sold)

Items will not be sold for Bright Dust this season Destiny 2

The items in this list are based on data from Bungie may change these services.

Armor decorations:

  • witch suit of armor

Weapon decorations:

  • Essentialism (Thorn)
  • Enhanced Apotheosis (Divinity)
  • Lavish Wishes (A Thousand Voices)
  • Closing Business (Sweet Business)
  • Space-Time Weft (Hierarchy of Needs)
  • Immaterial Messenger (Wish Keeper)

Ships, sparrows and other notable items:

  • pinballer sparrow
  • Roach Sparrow-VGH (witch)
  • Sparrows earn ten handfuls
  • The ghost shell has shaved scales
  • Wolf Shell (witch)
  • Auspicious Ghost Shell (Lunar New Year)
  • Neon Splash shader
  • Long stroke shader
  • Minimalist shader
  • Couture Cloudstriding shader
  • Flaming shaders

Are Eververse items pay to win?

In addition to some easily earned consumables and exotic decorations that change iron sights, items in the Eververse store has little or no impact on gameplay. Like most Destiny 2 However, veterans will tell you that fashion is the real end game, and Eververse is generally the place to go to give your guardian the best look in the Tower—especially if you are using the free Bright Dust currency.