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Azure Ray vs. IG.G2 set a new record for longest Dota 2 game series at 5.5 hours.

Azure Ray vs. IG.G2 set a new record for longest Dota 2 game series at 5.5 hours.

Dota 2 January 31, 2024 Marcus Wong

In an unprecedented record in professional Dota 2 Azure Ray and G2.iG It has gone down in history as one of the most grueling and longest series. ESL One Birmingham 2024’s Chinese Closed Qualifier Grand Final has set a new record in Dota 2 Esports.

It takes about 8 hours in total 5.5 hours In terms of actual in-game time, this best-of-five series broke the previous record for the longest Dota 2 game series.

iG.G2 vs Azure Ray at ESL One Birmingham 2024: China Closed Qualifier (Image source: ESL)

Azure Ray and IG.G2 record-breaking Dota 2 game

The marathon began at 9am CET, with the first match already breaking the record by lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes on patch 7.35. Proving the incredible resilience of the two rivals, they pushed their limits even further in the ensuing fourth game, extending the fight time by 24 minutes (1 hour and 47 minutes in game 4) longer than the first record-setting game.

The series eventually led to a quick win for G2.iG in Game 5, marking a decisive end to a less climactic but highly competitive series.

Previous milestones have been surpassed.

This particular series surpassed the previous record for the longest Dota 2 series, a title it had held since 2015 with a match that lasted 5 hours and 16 minutes. Mama’s Boys and The recent encounter between Azure Ray and G2.iG not only showcases the evolving dynamics of Dota 2 gameplay, but also highlights the increasing stamina and strategic depth required for competitive play at the highest level.

. @G2esports/@invgaming vs. @AzureRayDota completed over 5.5 hours of gameplay, the longest series in Dota 2 history.

Yes, it’s longer than the C9/Scaryfacez epic. Yes, it was longer than the DK/IG bo7 reverse sweep (almost 4 hours!).

— Ben Steenhuisen (@Noxville) January 30, 2024

The longest Dota 2 pro game in history

While the iG.G2 vs. Azure Ray series set a new record for series length, it’s worth revisiting some other memorable long-running matches from Dota 2’s storied Esports history. Notably, the longest single game remains an epic battle between the two. Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZIt was an amazing event that lasted for a whopping 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Part of Season 12 of the 2015 StarSeries, the match brought together iconic players and future stars to create a memorable chapter in Dota 2 Esports.

Cloud9 vs. ScaryFaceZ in StarLadder StarSeries Season 12 (Image source: Valve)

Longest Dota 2 game in international competition

Another important record holder in recent years is the longest match in the history of The Internationals Championship, played on the first day of the main event of the International 2022 (TI11). fierce confrontation Entity and Royal never give up Stretching out to 1 hour and 47 minutes, it showcases not only the back-and-forth nature of Dota 2 matches, but also the resilience and determination of the players. Especially considering that four RNG players are playing remotely due to contracting coronavirus.

The funny thing is, yap”Exnova” Jian Wei, currently playing for G2.iG, is a former RNG player who took part in this longest TI Dota 2 match. He was the only RNG player on the main stage without his team injured.

Congratulations to G2.iG on securing their place at ESL One Birmingham 2024. The tournament, a staple on the ESL Pro Tour (EPT) circuit, boasts a $1 million prize pool and is expected to begin on April 22.

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