Blog - February 7, 2024

Aurelion Sol’s win rate in LoL hits record high just hours after Patch 14.3 release

A cosmic dragon is wreaking havoc League of Legends once again just in time for the upcoming Year of the Dragon celebration.

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In just the first few hours of Patch 14.3 being available on live servers, Aurelion Sol achieved a 57% win rate—the highest among all champions in League now—thanks to some buffs meant to compensate for him losing some valuable items in the new season. This also leads to a sharp increase in Star Forger’s pick and ban rates, which are likely to fluctuate around their current percentages as more players test the changes over the next few days.

Wallpaper of Aurelion Sol in League of LegendsIf you give Aurelion Sol time, he can single-handedly carry the game. Image via Riot Games

Aurelion Sol’s buffs target his Q, which serves as his main source of consistent damage, as well as his W, giving him superior mobility over many mid lane champions other. His Q’s mana cost has been significantly reduced at all levels, allowing players to stack the ability for longer without worrying too much about their mana reserves, while also giving him You gain more Stardust stacks when you unleash a full barrage of your Qs on enemy champions. Meanwhile, Aurelion Sol’s W can now be used more frequently with lower mana cost and cooldown, while also providing a larger damage boost to his Q when used parallel.

However, it seems Riot Games is pushing players to choose to accumulate Stardust through the use of Aurelion Sol’s Q instead of passively delaying large minion waves with his E. A compensatory nerf to his E reduced the amount of Stardust the ability grants upon defeat almost completely. any enemy type, although the ability itself does not have any damage, slow, or execution amounts altered.

As of now, champion itemization and rune selection remain the same as before, although players can test how these changes interact with the new options available during the season 2024.

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol's background image gives the champion a more attractive appearance.After the rework, Aurelion Sol became a much more popular champion, although his strength depends on stability. Image via Riot Games

Historically, Aurelion Sol’s complexity has often pushed mid laners away from the champion, eventually leading to a complete rework and making him one of the highest-scaling champions in the game. Although his stars’ revolution is now longer around his body, Aurelion Sol has gained new power in the form of an ultimate that deals passive and nearly full damage, creating a win rate , picks and bans are more stable over one season.

Even though patch 14.3 has only just been released on live servers, it’s expected that Aurelion Sol will remain strong for the remainder of the patch if he doesn’t suffer any hotfix nerfs—although odds are His percentage should stabilize over the next few days. Riot also revealed yesterday that Aurelion Sol will be releasing a Porcelain skin series this year to celebrate Lunar New Year, complete with the champion’s first Legendary skin.