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Apple Watch X Rumors: All the Big Changes We Could See

The Vision Pro may be Apple’s most high-profile launch this year, but the rumored Apple Watch X is also worth watching.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Apple announcing its first smartwatch, and the Watch is expected to receive a major overhaul to celebrate, according to Bloomberg. The name is reminiscent of 2017’s iPhone X, which marked a dramatic change from Apple’s previous design and celebrated the device’s 10th anniversary.

Apple Watch According to several Bloomberg reports, we may also see additional health features such as blood pressure monitoring.

Apple may unveil the Apple Watch X alongside the latest iPhones at its annual launch event in the fall. However, even if the Watch

Until then, here’s a look at what to expect based on the most reliable sources.

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Apple Watch X: New health technology

After shifting away from fashion, Apple has successfully positioned the Apple Watch as a health device. Apple has introduced a variety of new health tracking tools in recent years, including blood oxygen monitoring, temperature sensing, and new software features for cyclists and runners. However, it’s worth noting that the blood oxygen feature is no longer available on the new Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches sold in the US due to a patent dispute.

Next year’s Apple Watch could add a few more health tracking features, potentially making it even more useful as a wellness and fitness device. Apple may also add a new feature that could indicate when a person’s blood pressure is high, according to a November article in Bloomberg. It reportedly comes with a blood pressure log so people can record when their blood pressure rises. However, it will not provide accurate systolic and diastolic measurements, Bloomberg reported.

The report also suggests that Apple Watch could get a new system to detect sleep apnea by monitoring a person’s sleeping and breathing habits. This would be a significant expansion of the Apple Watch’s current sleep tracking capabilities, which are limited compared to those offered by Oura, Fitbit, and others.

It is known that Apple is also developing a method to check blood sugar levels without pricking a finger using sensors such as infrared. However, it is highly unlikely that it will come to Apple Watch this year.

Sleep tracking on iPhone and Apple Watch Sleep tracking on iPhone and Apple Watch

Sleep stages were obtained through sleep tracking with WatchOS 9.


Apple Watch X: Blood Oxygen Capability?

Given the current patent dispute, it’s unclear whether the Apple Watch X will include blood oxygen monitoring. Currently, Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 do not offer this feature in the US. The International Trade Commission recently ruled that the blood oxygen sensor installed in the Apple Watch 9 and Watch Ultra 2 infringed on the patents of medical device manufacturer Masimo.

Apple Watch X: Magnetic Band

If you own or have ever owned an Apple Watch, you know that the band slides over the edge of the chassis and clicks into place. That may change in about 10 years with the Apple Watch X. As early as this year, Apple could introduce a mechanism that would allow the band to magnetically attach to the watch face. This will help free up internal space to make room for other components, such as a larger battery.

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Apple Watch X: MicroLED display

There have been rumors for years that the Apple Watch would feature a microLED display. It’s possible that we’ll finally see those rumors come to fruition sometime this year or next.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman expects MicroLED to feature in the Apple Watch X, but it’s unclear whether the smartwatch will debut this year or next. But according to a report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the wait could be even longer. According to Kuo, the Apple Watch will have a microLED display in 2025 or 2026, but not until 2024.

MicroLED is more energy efficient than the OLED technology currently used in Apple Watch. However, they are brighter and more responsive than OLED screens, allowing for more consistent viewing from all angles.

Apple Watch toward the future

Apple has been investing heavily in the health and wellness category to evolve Apple Watch into a health tracker. By adding new health features and improving display technology, Apple can attract more customers who want a smartwatch that can help them stay healthy and fit. The company is reportedly developing a non-invasive blood sugar monitoring feature. This could change the way millions of people around the world check their blood sugar levels, which currently requires people to prick their finger as part of the process.

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