Reviews - February 6, 2024

Apple Watch Series 9 has fallen to its lowest price yet again.

Apple Watch Series 9 showing off the double tap featureapologize

Apple Watch 9 is on sale. Apple Watch 9 is not for sale. Apple Watch 9 is on sale.

It’s all a bit confusing, to say the least. But now there’s news that sales will resume and the legal troubles will be temporarily put to rest. To celebrate, Best Buy is offering the watches at a discounted price in what appears to be a 24-hour flash sale for a limited time. The Apple Watch Series 9, normally $399, has been marked down to $329. Act now and you’ll save $70. This is one of the best Apple Watch deals you can get right now, considering the circumstances, so be sure to tap the button below to check it out.

Why you should buy Apple Watch Series 9

This Apple Watch 9 has GPS, measures 41mm and comes with a small to medium midnight color band. Apple Watch 9 has some of the best specs you’ll find in a smartwatch. It comes with an S9 chip, 64GB of internal memory, and everything from collision detection to ECG measurement. If you compare Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch 8, Apple Watch 9 is way ahead. The “double tap” feature in the latest version adds a significant level of convenience. It works by tapping your index finger and thumb together to control the watch while your other hand is busy. If you need two hands to control your smart watch, you might be better off using your smartphone. In the end, the moral of the story is that even if you have an Apple Watch 8, the Apple Watch 9 is worth your attention. Especially when it’s on sale, and there’s still some doubt about its future availability.

Then once again, click the button below to check out the Apple Watch Series 9 at Best Buy. This appears to be a limited time flash sale for 24 hours, so don’t wait too long to order. The watch, which normally costs $399, dropped to $329 today. Now is a great time to buy as you will save $70. If you want a watch but want something a bit more classic, check out our discount watch collection where you’ll find products like Timex and G-Shock watches.

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