Reviews - February 5, 2024

Apple AirTags sets are on sale at Target

I am a cautious traveler after my luggage was stolen from the baggage claim belt during a cross-country flight two years ago. There were two things I promised I would never travel without moving forward. These were luggage tags and Apple AirTags. The latter is currently sold in packs of four at Target, and you can also buy other sets to add to other personal items like handbags, work totes, wallets, and car keys.

Loved by editors and flight attendants, Apple AirTags are a great way to provide peace of mind while traveling, and with this discounted price, they’re just $20 each. That’s a small price to pay compared to the cost of clothes and toiletries lost in your suitcase in 2022. I really wish I had owned this outfit from the moment it was released in 2021.

Apple AirTags 4-Pack


The little circular tag instantly syncs to your iPhone as soon as you set it up and works in tandem with the ‘Find My’ app to keep an eye on your belongings. This is very useful when checking your bag on a flight because the first thing you do after landing is check the app to make sure your bag made it to your destination. You can also assign a name to each tag, which is useful if you have multiple tags that you need to keep track of.

Hindsight is always 20/20, and I remind myself how different the traumatic experience of losing my suitcase would have been if I had added an AirTag to my bag. To say I learned my lesson would be a gross understatement. I’ve gifted it to family and even convinced my friends to own it to avoid the headache I’ve been through. I recently got sick of having to drive my brother’s apartment keys when he left them at my parents’ house, so I gave him one along with a keychain holder for Christmas.

Since purchasing my first AirTag, I’ve been able to use it for two years without having to replace the battery, and when I had to replace the battery last month, it was still very easy to use. Shoppers agree with me about not buying sooner, with one asking “How did you ever live without this?” A second reviewer said AirTags “have changed.” [their family‚Äôs] It helps me keep track of my suitcase and my husband’s diabetes blood sugar monitor.

Grab a pack of AirTags to help you keep track of your belongings while they’re on sale, and keep scrolling for other Apple deals from Target.

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