Blog - February 5, 2024

Apex’s new demonic legend looks like LoL in its latest development line

In an obvious tease from Apex Legends developers, eagle-eyed fans have discovered a new legend that may be coming to the game. Found in the latest episode of Respawn’s “Developer Diary,” the leak has gamers speculating about who this mysterious character could be and when they might appear in Outlands.

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Respawn’s latest Developer Diary video on YouTube features a clip of the legend select screen showing some sleazy rogue-looking character resembling League of Legends than Top. Found in the roughly nine-minute video, the screenshot has been spread on X (formerly Twitter) and Reddit.

Screenshot from Respawn's Dev Diary shows a mysterious legendary belonging to the Skirmisher CategoryWho is the mysterious legend on the right side of the skirmisher category? Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Listed among the Skirmishes, the character designs are more reminiscent of concept design sketches than refined character plots, explaining it League-The look is captivating and suggests that the legend’s official release may still be some time away. Gamers definitely shouldn’t expect new legendary to be introduced in Season 20. However, as one user noted on Reddit, the developers previously mentioned that the next legendary introduced will is Skirmisher, which further solidifies that this was an intentional tease for fans.

While it’s unknown exactly when this legend will arrive in the Outlands, theories have been circulating as to who this new legend could be.

In October 2022, Respawn launched Catalyst Apex Legends universe. “Stories from Outback: The Last Hope” follows this legend along with several other characters from her past, including a particularly passionate activist named Margo. Some people have drawn comparisons between Margo and the newly leaked legend’s appearance, theorizing that she could be the new character.

This theory may have weight. When placed side by side, photos of Margo and the mysterious legend show them both with extremely messy, similar hair, wearing necklace-style accessories and heavy makeup. However, Top The developers have not recently made a move to include previously seen supporting characters in Outlands, so the introduction of Margo would mark a change in direction for the game.

Parallel comparison between Margo and the mysterious legend.Margo, seen on the left, and the mysterious legend on the right, have strikingly similar hair and makeup. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Whether the new legend is Catalyst’s Margo or an entirely new character, fans can rest assured that this leak is almost certainly an intentional tease from the developers. A well-edited and well-planned Dev Diary video will almost certainly not accidentally reveal such details.

Season 20 has plenty to keep fans busy while they wait to learn more, but for now, Top’The latest legend remains largely a secret.