Blog - February 1, 2024

Apex’s latest patch fixes the last round bug that caused the game to last hours in Three Strikes LTM

Apex Legends fans were ecstatic when Three Strikes was confirmed to return after the match Final Fantasy Rebirth co-op, but instead of having fast-paced chaotic battles that revolve around respawning and reviving teammates, they have a glorified hide-and-seek game mode, all thanks to one particular bug.

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A day after Three Strikes returned, Respawn released a patch that fixed the last round closing issue in Storm Point when playing Three Strikes LTM, along with other fixes. Three Strikes is played on rotation on all battle royale maps, but this bug only affects matches taking place on Storm Point, where the ring cannot be completely closed after the fifth round. With no server time limit to automatically end the game, players expecting a standard 20-minute match can be stuck in the game for hours until they escape or find The last team is hiding somewhere in the ring.

The final round ends at the Containment Zone at King's Canyon.Good luck finding anyone hiding in such a wide circle. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Three Strikes made its debut on November 7 as part of the Post Malone event, offering a new twist on the standard battle royale format. All teams have three lives, and after killing the team, the eliminated team will respawn from the drop ship with all their gear and current shield level near the POI they died at, allowing them to quickly spin return to the fight.

To encourage teams to be aggressive and look for fights, Three Strikes has reduced the respawn time from five seconds to one second, and when respawns, 70 health is restored compared to the usual 20, encouraging a new meta revolves around support legends, like Lifeline, to ensure respawns and prolong team battles.

However, the return of Three Strikes in 2024 did not go smoothly, as players soon discovered when loading into Storm Point. Due to an unfortunate bug, instead of announcing the location and time of the last circle before its end across the map, the circle will stop completely after the fifth round, with the in-game countdown timer paused at 0 seconds.

This allows for an infinite delay strategy if neither team can locate the respawning duo or team outside the ring, as they can hide anywhere on the map without being affected. Since the ring did not close completely due to a bug, players standing outside would take 20 damage per second, which would normally be fatal, but due to Three Strikes’ faster respawn rate, it has become a viable tactic. competition allows nefarious teams to follow. out game.

Community members and even professional players began posting games lasting from 30 minutes to over an hour, comparing their experiences to being more akin to hide-and-seek than the intended Three Strikes game mode. initial determination. Even if a “ratting” team is detected, if they gain extra lives, they will simply respawn from the drop ship and restart the chase, leading to increased damage counts and match length for all players. all players involved.


Why don’t you play Three Strikes? because each match has more than 100 minutes..

If you don’t fix the ringing issue… @PlayApex @Respawn

– East 86th Street. 🎱 (@MileyOsiris_) January 31, 2024

Thankfully, Respawn has heard the community’s cries for what is considered the best LTM in the game Top history and fix the problem within a day, allowing matches to proceed naturally and end as previously planned.

Additional changes are included along with the Three Strikes fix in the latest version Top The patch includes disabling in-game string configuration files, a continuation of the latest crackdown on third-party software cheats.