Esports News - February 7, 2024

Apex Legends Breakout Set to Revolutionize Battle Royale’s Meta

Respawn has unveiled Apex Legends Breakout, one of the biggest updates for Battle Royale. This new update will bring a lot of changes to the game, from how legends work to rankings. When is Apex Legends Breakout release date? What can we expect to change when the update comes?

While we wait for Apex Season 20 to arrive, quite a bit of information has been leaked. Now we have a closer look at some of EA’s plans to revamp the game. This was revealed in the Apex Breakout patch notes.

Apex Breakout Patch Notes

Apex Legends BreakoutApex Legends Breakout

Source: Respawn

Apex Legends Breakout Legends Changes

One of the biggest changes in this update is the legend upgrade system. This is a new progression system specific to each Battle Royale game. As you play, you can further specialize your Legends gameplay and unlock new abilities. All games will also be reset, giving you the freedom to change how you play.

By earning EVO, you can now unlock various perks. Levels 2 and 3 grant you upgraded armor as well as unique effects. This forces you to make more decisions. Having the best Apex Legends characters isn’t enough, you’ll also need to choose your upgrades wisely. This all comes with some changes to the shield.

Apex Legends BreakoutApex Legends Breakout

Source: Respawn

Replace body shield with legendary armor

As part of this massive overhaul, players are noticing major changes to the game’s shields. Body shields can no longer be found while looting. Instead, as Legends level up, they gain Legend-specific armor. You’ll still need to find shield cores to fuel some of your shields. Choosing a higher level of these will overcharge your armor. Adds an additional shield for 30 seconds before reverting to normal amount. This is a pretty big change in the Apex Breakout Patch Notes.

How to get EVO

The new level up feature is tied to EVO, but how do you get it in the game? There are a few specific things you need to do to get EVO and start upgrading. Here’s how to unlock Apex Legends Breakout after its release date.

  • cause damage
  • Player knocking, knocking support (adjusted according to the level of the knocked character)
  • finisher
  • cache capture
  • squad wipes
  • resurrect
  • resurrection
  • Interaction
  • EVO Harvester

The last one is another new addition. EVO Harvesters spawn randomly throughout the map. Interact with them to get EVO. This replaces crafting a Harvester.

Apex Legends BreakoutApex Legends Breakout

Source: Respawn


The following major changes are coming to Apex Legends Ranked Mode: Here things are moving back towards a more transparent system. Rankings now place more emphasis on kills. This will help eliminate the “rat” strategy. There’s also a much more transparent scoring system, including bonuses for a series of good achievements.

Apex Legends Breakout Release Date

This is the biggest change in the Apex Breakout patch notes. This is an update that appears to directly address many of the biggest concerns of players playing the game. But when will we see it in-game? Apex Legends Breakout release date is February 12, 2024. This will allow you to see how all the new changes are handled in-game.