Blog - February 5, 2024

Apex celebrates its 20th season with major gameplay overhauls and anniversary events

Five years of live service success is cause for celebration, and Respawn Entertainment is bringing the party Apex Legends with its 20th season, Breakout. The roster will stay the same size, but players will see sweeping changes to the Evo shield and the addition of legendary upgrades.

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To celebrate, Respawn is also hosting an in-game event with six free legendaries up for grabs, a new limited-time mode, a prize tracker with free items from players themselves create. Top community and 150 Heirloom Pieces as prizes if you purchase the entire cosmetic collection. These elusive items can be used to purchase any of the permanent Heirloom sets or Prestige Skins.

Apex Legends screenshot of Revenant Reborn with scytheThis beautiful scythe can be yours. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Once the event begins, players will get a look at what game designer John Larson calls “the biggest change to legends since the game launched”: a new legend upgrade system , allows for mid-match upgrades and adds functionality to all legendary abilities. This, in turn, comes with an overhaul of how the game handles Evo Shields and progression in general, tying both new systems together — and paving the way for a whole new gaming space.

It wouldn’t be a celebration without a Mirage-worthy party, though, so Top is kicking off the season with a limited-time event celebrating the game’s longevity and success. Straight Shot LTM is a “streamlined” version of Topthis “helps you move faster,” according to game director Evan Nikolich.

Players who join Outlands during the season can earn six free legendaries: Seer, Fuse, Maggie, Rampart, Loba, and Valkyrie. Every two weeks, a new Legend will be available for free for the rest of Breakout, with a series of challenges for each character. Completing them will unlock permanent legends.

The practice of giving away a set of Heirloom Pieces is hardly new to Top, though that doesn’t make them any less welcome. However, as usual, these items come at a very high price as they require players to obtain all items in the event collection.

The event also offers a set of prize trackers made by members of the Top community as another way to recognize the gaming community’s dedication over the past five years. You can see all the action for yourself when Breakout kicks off on February 13.