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All Wonderland District puzzle solutions in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Wonderland District in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League is the entertaining and kid-friendly district of Metropolis and an area that—like the other districts—is filled with Riddler puzzles and trophies.

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Three puzzles need to be solved in Wonderland, and we’ll look at each puzzle individually so you know where to find the answer.

Wonderland District puzzle solution in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League

Wonderland district puzzle

Not very subtle, but that makes the tower easier to find. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

If you’re going to the Wonderland District from Bakerline, the first puzzle that’s likely to occur to you is as follows: “Rising high, a tower bathed in sunlight, a beacon of the city’s strength.”

This refers Solar tower powers all of Metropolis and it can be found south of the Wonderland District before you cross Bakerline. As you can see on the map, the tower is very close to the Daily Planet building. If you’re traveling from the Daily Planet in Bakerline, continue north and you’ll spot it.

The tower is located on the southern outskirts of Wonderland District. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

The Solar Tower is a large, cylindrical tower with the building’s name hanging vertically on the front so it won’t be hard to find. Scan the tower while standing in front of it to solve the puzzle.

Wonderland district puzzle number 2

Why do they always come with scary mascots to sell toys? Screenshot of Dot Esports.

Another puzzle you’ll encounter in Wonderland that’s relatively simple to solve reads as follows: “Make your children happy, please your children. Want some fun? Let’s try this.”

The location you need to find is Schott’s toys, near the dock and coastal area on the Wonderland District map. There are many other amusements in the area, so keep an eye out for them and look around when you get there to find Schott Toys.

Head towards the beachfront area when looking for Schott’s Toys. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

The store has a large, somewhat creepy mascot above the entrance. Scan the front of the toy store and you’ll have just one more puzzle left.

Wonderland District’s third puzzle

There is magic in the air. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

This final puzzle is another one involving a famous DC Comics character, “A magic trick, strange and silly, the secret spell is a reflective word.”

This refers Zatanna, one of the most powerful magic users in the DC universe. Apparently, she set up shop in Metropolis with her live magic act. You’ll need to find the sign for her show above the Cain Theater in Wonderland District to solve this puzzle. The theater is among several other entertainment venues, so keep an eye out for various signs, such as the yellow and black Jazz Club sign, to find Zatanna’s name in the light.

Cain Theater is a bit more concentrated in the Wonderland District. Screenshot of Dot Esports.

The theater is located in the middle of the Wonderland district. Use the zeppelin on the left side of the map as a starting point, move northeast a bit and the theater will be in the central area. Scan the sign with the name Zattana and you’ll find all three Wonderland District puzzles.

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