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All village and town locations in Palworld

Villages and towns are safe locations where you can find many helpful NPCs in Palworld. Merchants such as traveling merchants or Pal traders can be found in many of these towns, selling rare or Pal items for your journey. Below are all currently known village locations Palworld.

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All locations in the Town in Palworld

Palworld There are remarkably few human settlements, as for most of the game you’ll be heading out into the wilderness to build your own camps and settlements. However, there are still a few towns worth visiting Palworld.

Fisherman’s Point settlement site

The Fishing Village is hidden but contains many useful NPCs | Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • Coordinates: -481, -744
  • NPC: Wandering Merchant (red), Wandering Merchant (green), Merchant Friend

Fisherman’s Point is a hidden coastal village in the southwest corner of the map. To get here, you need to pass Obsidian Mountain. Since this is a very high level part of the game, I highly recommend using a flying mount to cross this large land border.

Tip: Giant dragon eggs can spawn at Fisherman’s Point

If you want to own a giant dragon egg, you may want to visit Fisherman’s Point a few times. Although spawning is random, this is a great place to find giant Dragon Eggs, then there are opportunity to hatch into Jormuntide Ignis. Not a bad friend at all if you can have it!

Here you can find valuable merchants such as Wandering Merchants, Pal merchants, and other vendors. I mainly like this location for both the beautiful seaside setting and the practical quick commute score.

Location of small settlement

You don’t have to look too far to find the Small Settlement because that’s where you start the game | Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • coordinates: 73, -484
  • NPC: Wandering Merchant, Friendly Merchant

Small Settlement is likely the first town you will find, just west of the starting plateau during your instructions. This town is extremely empty compared to the settlements you will find later. Although there are security guards and vendors, there isn’t much to do here except leave.

Duneshelter settlement site

Only black marketeers call Duneshelter home | Screenshot of Dot Esports

  • coordinates: 357, -348
  • NPC: Wandering Merchant (red), Wandering Merchant (green), Merchant Friend

Tip: Be wary of high temperatures in Duneshelter

Duneshelter is located in the desert area of ​​the map, which means you’ll have to endure the Heat condition unless you’re wearing heat-resistant armor.

Duneshelter is a human civilization in the desert complex near the northeast corner of the map. Although there are no guards, the area is a haven for black marketeers and other vendors along the abandoned town.

Duneshelter is not densely populated as only merchants reside in this hideout, but it is one of the most useful selling locations. While other locations on the map, such as the Ruined Fortress City and the Unknown City, are still considered fallen cities. PalworldThere are no residents to speak of.