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All the Palworld Legendary Diagrams and How to Get Them

Palworld The legendary diagram is legendary for a reason. They allow you to obtain Legendary weapons and armor, which are almost mandatory once you reach the late stages of the game. Fortunately, the diagrams are not difficult to identify.

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There are several Legendary items in the game, which makes Palworld The legendary diagram is even more precious. You will receive each one after passing by Palworld different islands and defeat certain Alpha Pals. Let’s get into the details as we explain how and where you can get one Palworld Legendary diagram!

How to get all Legendary Weapon Diagrams in Palworld

Have six legendary weapons in Palworld: Crossbows, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Old Bows, Pump Action Shotguns and Rocket Launchers. Getting most of them requires you to defeat specific bosses.

Legendary crossbow diagram

Palworld map showing the location of Alpha BushiBushi is located just south of the fast travel point. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Let’s start with Legendary crossbow diagram, dropped by Alpha Bushia Fire Pal is found within southwest corner of the Palpagos Islands. The fight itself is not too difficult and does not require a high level, about 25 is enough, but you still need to prepare many things before the trip.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 1116, 491
  • Weapon attacks: 490
  • Alpha Pal would defeat: Bushi

Legendary pistol diagram

Alpha Beakon location in PalworldJust south of the Deep Bamboo Forest. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Once you reach level 35, you can start searching Legendary pistol diagram. This is dropped by Alpha Beakonlocate south of the fast travel point Deep Bamboo Forest. The Pal is a flying Electric type, so bring specific Pals to defeat it easily.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 345, -253
  • Weapon attacks: 625
  • Alpha Pal to defeat: Beakon

Legendary assault rifle diagram

Location of Alpha Blazamut.It was a difficult battle. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Now we get serious. Have been Legendary assault rifle diagram IN Palworld is difficult, because you need to defeat Alpha Blazamut to do so, it has a significantly high level and is not easy to find because it is located in a Caves in volcanic biomes.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 434, 532
  • Weapon attacks: 560
  • Alpha Pal will defeat: Blazamut

Diagram of the legendary ancient bow

Screenshot of Kingpaca's map icon in Palworld.Kingpaca is easy to recognize. Screenshot of Dot Esports

On the other hand, Legendary Old Bow isn’t as big of a deal as some of its predecessors. Diagram for it Drops from Alpha Kingpaca, found near the starting position. However, make no mistake, the fight in this case is completely easy, unless you are much higher level.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 50, -460
  • Attacks with weapons: 247
  • Alpha Pal defeated: Kingpaca

Legendary rocket launch diagram

Alpha Jetragon level 50 location in Palworld.A difficult battle awaits there. Screenshot via MapGenie

As you can imagine, Legendary rocket launcher maybe strongest weapon you can find it at Palworld. Therefore, it is surprising that it is guarded by one of the most dangerous bosses in the game, jet plane. Beating it requires a lot of preparation, but with the right strategy it is possible.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 788, 320
  • Weapon attacks: 14,000
  • Alpha Pal to defeat: Jetragon

Legendary pump action shotgun diagram

Palworld interactive map showing Suzaku's locationPalworld Suzaku location. Image via

Among all six legendary weapons in Palworldthe Pump action shotgun considered the most difficult to buy. Not only did Pal drop its schematics, suzakudifficult to locate, because of it spawns near Duneshelter in the Sand biomeBut it’s also a nightmare to defeat.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 404, 255
  • Weapon attacks: 385
  • Alpha Pal would defeat: Suzaku

How to get all Legendary Armor Diagrams in Palworld

They are unique four pieces of legendary armor in Palworld, but they are extremely useful in many cases. If you have the opportunity, you should pursue them without any doubt.

Legendary Cloth Armor Diagram

Alpha Chillet's location in Palworld.It’s right outside your starting position. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Legendary Cloth Armor Diagram is the easiest equipment for you to use right from the beginning of the game. It falls from Alpha chili, found north of the starting location. However, especially if you’re new to the game, you should bring along some specific Friends to help you out.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 175, -420
  • HP: 112
  • Durability: 250
  • Defense: 24
  • Alpha Pal to defeat: Chillet

Legendary Pal metal helmet diagram

Frostallion's location in Palworld.Frostallion can be found at the edge of the map. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Another dangerous boss fight is rimereduce Diagram of the legendary Pal Metal Helmet. It dominates the Snow biome, which can be inaccessible without some specific equipment. On top of that, you can’t remove Pals without specific Pals at your disposal.

In short:

  • Coordinates: -355, 55
  • HP: 560
  • Durability: 1,200
  • Defense: 240
  • Alpha Pal will defeat: Frostallion

Diagram of the legendary cold-resistant Pal armor

Necromus location in PalworldPaladius and Necromus spawn at the top of the Desert biome. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Talking about the specific equipment needed to fight Frostallion, the best option would be Legendary cold-resistant Pal armor. This can be found in the desert biomes, but it is also dropped by the end-game boss, Paladius.

In short:

  • Coordinates: 445, 680
  • HP: 1,200
  • Durability: 11,000
  • Defense: 400
  • Alpha Pal would defeat: Paladius

Legendary heat-resistant Pal armor diagram

Paladius appears along with another difficult end-game boss, caseation. The latter drops the Diagram for another mandatory ending item, Legendary heat-resistant Pal armor. So in this case you will not have to prepare for just one boss, but two.

That’s all the Legendary Diagrams currently available in Palworld! We will update this guide as more guides are added to the game.