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All the building blocks in Enshrouded

Residential building system Cover allowing you a lot of freedom with complex terrain tools, a variety of furniture and many unique building blocks. Since there are so many building blocks you can unlock, you need to know what your options are.

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Building blocks are the foundation for every creation you want to make. Cover will rely on. Every part of the building is made up of whatever building blocks you choose, so here it is all the building blocks in Coverthe materials you need for them and how to unlock them.

All building blocks and their materials in Cover

Some building blocks in Enshrouded. Building blocks are essential when you want to build anything. Screenshot of Dot Esports Some building blocks in Enshrouded.Building blocks are essential when you want to build anything. Screenshot of Dot Esports Some building blocks in Enshrouded.Building blocks are essential when you want to build anything. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Cover there is a total 31 building blocks you can unlock and use. The survival RPG is still in early access with a planned roadmap and updates for the future, so it’s likely this list will grow as the game progresses.

BlockUnlock requestMaterialsRaw Wood BlockUnlocked after you chop Wood. Two Logs Raw Stone BlocksWill be available after you mine the Stone. Two StoneRough flint blocksAppear as options after you mine flint. 10 FlintstoneCovered Wood BlocksUnlocked automatically after you chop Covered Wood for the first time.10 Covered Wood Tar Wood BlocksUnlocked after you craft Tar. 10 Wood and 5 Refined Wood Blocks will be available after you craft Wood Planks. 15 Wood Planks and 5 Logs Raw Sandstone Blocks Appears as an option after you mine Sandstone. 10 SandstoneRegular Sandstone BlocksUnlocked after you mine Sandstone. 10 Sandstone and two Refined Sandstone BlocksAvailable for crafting after you mine Sandstone.10 Sandstone, two Clay Lumps, two Sand and one Indigo Palm Wood BlockUnlocked after you mine Palm wood. Seven Palm Logs and Three Fancy Stone Block LogsCan be found in Raven’s Keep. Three wooden planks and 10 highly polished limestone blocks Dropped by Scavenger Matron in Ocean’s Heart near East Lapis. 30 StonesRoughly cut stone blocksFound after completing the Ruined Netherton quest and located around Netherton.10 Stones and a block of RubbleMycelium overgrowthWill be available after mining the Mycelium for the first time.Five mycelium and 10 limestone blocksOpen locked through the Caravan Raid mission 10Limestone and four DirtIron blocksCan be done after you get the Iron Bar. One Iron Ingot and five LogsCopper BlockUnlocked after obtaining the Copper Ingot. One Copper Bar and five LogsMetal Blockswill be available after you find the Metal Plate for the first time. A metal plate and five wooden logsBronze BlockUnlocked after you receive the Copper Bar. One Bronze Bar and five Luminescent Wood Blocks are automatically available to craft after you mine Glowing Growth. Five Glowing Growth Blocks and five Half-Tibered Stone BlocksUnlocked as a craftable recipe after you find it in the chest near the tent in Diadwyn.10 Clay Lumps and five Wood Brick LogsWill be available after you get it Fired bricks. 10 Fire Bricks Desert Temple Block found in the Temple of the Sun on a skeleton west of Deepcut in the quest Derelict Kindlewastes. Two Indigo Plants and 20 Sandstone Desert City Wall Blocks Solve the Emily Fray’s Tavern quest so you can find them in the chest and unlock the crafting recipe. 30 Sandstone Refined Stone Blocks Unlocked after you get the Masonry Tools. 10 Flinstones and 10 LimestoneCity Wall BlockCan be found in a tower in Fawnsong Frontier after you defeat Matron Scavenger through the quest A Tower to the Stars. 10 Stone and two DirtRegular Stone Blocks Complete the Mixed Stone quest in Nomad Plateau.15 Stone Castle Wall Block Do the Fortification quest in Pikeman’s Reach to visit the mine that mines this block. 20 Stone and five DirtWell Blocks Solve the Well Blocks quest from Carpenter. 10 Sandstone and five Liquid Bone Shroud Blocks Do the Hidden Tomb Search quest to visit a hidden tomb in the northern Springlands, where the block can be unlocked. 10 BonesWeathered Stone Block Solve the Rumble in the Catacombs quest and open the chest in the Bramblespine Boneyard. 10 stones