Blog - February 6, 2024

All Skill Fruit locations in Palworld

Palworld there are many surprises to be found on its vast map and one that your Friends will appreciate above all others is Skill fruit tree.

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Skill Fruits are consumable items for your Friends, helping them unlock new powers that some of your companions don’t normally have. If you are wondering where Palworld is the Skill Fruit Tree, see the map below to plan your next move.

Where to find the Skill Fruit Tree Palworld

There are many Skill Fruits in Palworld. Screenshot of Dot Esports

We discovered some Skill Fruit Trees around Palworld maps, including some that are accessible from the start and others that take you a bit of time to get.

Tip: Make sure you’re on the right level!

If you are looking to get all the Skill Fruits IN Palworld You will need to be around level 40 and have enough equipment to protect you in both cases cold and warm climates.

Above you can see the map with some of the trees highlighted in the game. On the map, each The skill fruit tree is represented by a star. As we discover more of these trees, this map will be updated to reflect where they can be found. For now, this is all by Palworld Skill fruit tree location:

One tip when looking for trees in these marked locations is to aim for any important environmental elements in the area. If it is on a hill or has a ravine below, those are the best places to check as Skill Fruit Trees are often placed so that they are the highlight of that particular area.

For now, there will be plenty of Skill Fruits to power up your Friends, but check back to see this map updated once all of the game’s trees have been explored.