Blog - February 1, 2024

All new weapons coming to MW3 and Warzone season 2

A new season of Call of duty Coming soon, which means an arsenal of weapons for all players in the Modern warfare 3 And Battlefield about to grow again.

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Part two of CoD:MW3 adding Four new weaponsincluding ARs, SMGs, battle rifles, and melee weapons, offering something for basically every playstyle in the game, whether you like to run and shoot or play slow and steady.

These are all New weapons are coming soon MW3 part two and how to get them.

All new guns in MW3 And Battlefield season 2

BP50 assault rifle

BP50 AR in MW3Run and shoot AR. Image via Activision

  • Description: “A modular bullpup measuring 5.56. Take down opponents with high rate of fire and exceptional accuracy to dominate at mid and long range.”
  • How to get it: Battle season two

This is of MW3 competes with the F2000, an AR that is less prominent than its predecessor CoD title as original MW2 And MW3.

“For operators who need optimal portability from their weapon, the BP50 is a spectacular contender,” Activision said. “Offering exceptional mobility and a breathtaking rate of fire compared to other rifles in its class, this Corvus-built weapon can take down opposition in a variety of quick and impressive ways.”


Brother of RAM-7. Image via Activision

  • Description: “More mobile and agile than its assault rifle counterpart, this 9mm bullpup SMG is lethal at close range.”
  • How to get it: Battle season two

RAM-7 is a new gun that made a big splash in part one of MW3 And Battlefield, and now its SMG counterpart is here—and it looks like it’s going to be a real monster up close.

“Offering one of the best recoil control and maneuverability in its class, as well as the most ammo and reserves of any SMG, the RAM-9 may not win any awards. There’s no reward for accuracy (especially distance), but it can certainly knock out opponents. as opposed to high-damage, empty-chamber attacks, especially when you close in for the kill,” Activision said.

Subverter SOA combat rifle

  • Description: “Armed with 7.62 ammunition, this high-firing rifle excels at medium to longer ranges thanks to its low rate of fire and predictable recoil.”
  • How to get it: Weekly challenges season two

This new battle rifle will appear later in season two as part of a weekly challenge, which involves completing that week’s five challenges to obtain it. But it looks like the SOA Subverter battle rifle will be an interesting addition to the game and could be a top product. Battlefield rifle.

“With excellent fire rate and accuracy, controllable recoil, and best-in-class movement and sprint speeds, this also delivers headshot and stun ability,” Activision said. great aim, even in the base state.” “With some tweaking, this could be a candidate for the ultimate combat rifle, if you can squeeze out a more leisurely ADS rate.”

Soulrender melee weapon

  • Description: “A ceremonial blade capable of razor-sharp cutting and deadly close combat action.”
  • How to get it: Unknown

The weapon is chosen by Michonne ZombieSoulrender is a sword that can dominate enemies at close range.

Activision says: “A vicious blade of perfectly forged steel, the Soulrender one-handed sword cuts fast and deep, with quick slashes – use your aim button while holding “fire” to create a stance stand on defense. “Release the guard for an immediate slice, allowing for precise timing when quickly approaching the victim. Offering excellent damage and better mobility than any larger melee weapon, take this into battle when facing the living or the undead.”