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All new MW3 multiplayer maps in part 2

A new one Call of duty Season is only as good as its map. Luckily for players, Modern warfare 3 season two has a lot of exciting new additions.

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With some small maps, some new maps, and some old maps, there’s a lot to do this season. Fan Call of Duty: Vanguard’s The best minimap will be fun, as will those who liked the Vortex remix map in the previous season. There’s a lot to look forward to in this group of maps.

This is All maps are being added for MW3 multiplayer in part two.

All new maps in MW3 season 2


belowIt’s time to get in line for the TSA. Image via Activision

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the rest of the airport on the Terminal then you’re in luck. This map takes place in the same location but is a larger map than the one it inspired.

Activision says the map features a “central main lobby that includes a ground floor exterior entrance on the west side, a main baggage check line and point, and a mezzanine walkway and security area along the east side of the map ”. The new locale also features “sights of varying heights and distances” where players can “move through multiple hiding spots or face enemies in close combat in Restaurants, Cosmetic Shops or Burger Town.”

Storage house

Stash House MW3 map“Lot size”? That’s right. Image via Activision

Another map joining the ranks of chaos minimaps in CoD. Stash House is “shipment-sized” and “perfect for XP grinding and quick, sustained firefights.”

“Explore an open plan living room, den, and kitchen, outside bar area, hot tub, a backyard addition, and a central Atrium congested place,” Activision said. Concentrate on fighting.”


Vista MW3 MapWhat a perspective. Image via Activision

Meanwhile, Vista is described as “the scale of a shooting house,” so fans of the smaller maps are looking forward to eating their fill in part two.

“Start at the Funicular (a large gondola) or at the Plaza on the opposite side of the map,” Activision said. “Discover an exclusive promenade of shops, the raised Central Walk and glass-walled restaurant, the sunken north slope with lush forest foliage, the Gallery and the south bar area. above. Go around the southern flank with different heights, decks, and a small Burger Town to drop off enemies.”

The House (Remastered) CoD: Pioneer map)

MW3 house was redoneBurn Das Haus. Image via Activision

Another mini map! Das Haus has been remade after its original appearance in Call of Duty: Pioneer, with a modern setting and a fresh coat of paint.

Airborne (Ultimate Remix)

MW3 aerial mapMissed your flight. Image via Activision

Skidgrow (Skidrow remix)

Skidgrow MW3 MapA clever name. Image via Activision

Terminal and Skidrow will get remixes in season two, with an overgrown theme that resembles a zombie apocalypse. Zombie cooperation. Both are playable in Hordepoint, the new Hardpoint variant that includes zombies, or in the return of Vortex later in the season.

Operation Tin Man (New War Mode Map)

War map of Operation Tin Man MW3It was a towering inferno. Image via Activision

War mode finally has a new map. The objective-based mode where one side attacks and the other side defends is getting a completely new experience in the second part, which takes place in a tower where the attacking team descends.

“One team secures the structure while the other team activates the controls, placing explosives to clear a path down,” Activision said. “The action then descends inside the skyscraper, as the strike team attempts to break into a secure laboratory inside the structure while escorting the MAW (Modified Armored Wheelson). Exploration throughout these vast facilities had to take place before Wheelson could hack the data servers.

“The operation culminated when the attack team escaped from the skyscraper into an urban park. Expect tense and fierce battles as all hell breaks loose, with a team focused on establishing a storage point at the PDS (Portable Decontamination Station) before the mining helicopters arrive.”