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All monsters in Lethal Company and how to deal with them

Some of Lethal Company’s many monsters are lethal with their one-hit moves. But you can’t run away from everything, so what do you do when you’re face-to-face with a Forest Giant patrolling your ship? It’s safe to say that all monsters in Lethal Company come with their own unique challenge.

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Here is how to deal with every monster in Lethal Company.

All monsters in Lethal Company

Lethal Company: Eyeless Dog getting zappedPut your trust in the Zap gun. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Zeekerss

There are two categories of monster in Lethal Company. You have the Facility Monsters that spawn and live exclusively inside the Moon’s Facilities. Then you have the Outside Monsters that spawn outside of facilities and chase you all the way to the ship.

  • Facility Monsters can be killed with either a shovel or a stop sign, while others can simply be avoided at all costs. Crucial items to hold onto here are Shovels, Pro-Flashlights, Zap guns, and TZP Inhalants.
  • Outside Monsters are mostly unkillable and you’re just going to have to run to the ship. Crucial items to hold are Pro-Flashlights, Zap guns, and Stun Grenades. You’re best bet with Outside Monsters is to try not to stay out past 5pm and avoid dangerous Moons: Rend, Dine, and Titan.

Facility monsters in Lethal Company

Spore Lizards

Spore Lizard in Lethal CompanyYour friend inside the Facility. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: Low (prefers to avoid players, and only deals damage if approached)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

The Spore Lizards are completely harmless if left alone. If provoked, they will emit purple smoke that impairs vision. Spore Lizards can bite, but the damage dealt is minimal. You don’t need to worry about this creature at all. This creature can only kill if you are on critical damage.

Hoarding Bugs

Hoarding Bug in Lethal CompanyDon’t steal his loot, trust me. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: Low (only attack if attacked or you try to take their loot)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

The Hoarding Bug takes around four shovel or stop sign hits to kill. They’ll only attack if you get too close and try to take their loot. Avoid getting close if you want to survive. It is best to act like they don’t exist and continue exploring as usual.

The Hoarding Bug only gets aggressive if you steal their loot. Move any scrap you find to the outside of the Facility, on the opposite side of the Facility’s main entrance or fire exits. This way, the Hoarding Bug cannot steal your goodies.


If you or one of your teammates dies, the Hoarding Bug can even steal their corpse. Not exactly ideal for when you’re trying to bring a deceased teammate back to the ship.

Snare Fleas

Snare Flea in Lethal CompanyWatch the ceilings closely. Image via Lethal Company Wiki

  • Hostility: Low (tries to attach to player heads by dropping from the ceiling. If crawling around, they will pursue players)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

The Snare Flea takes up to three Shovel or Stop-Sign whacks to kill. Use one of the weapons to knock the flea off one of your teammates if it gets on them. You can spot these creatures using a right-click to scan and point the Pro-flashlight to the ceiling. So keep your eyes on the ceiling as the flea hides out here.

There is no way to free yourself if you get caught by one of them on your own. You can only be freed from the flea’s grasp by another player hitting your face with a shovel to knock the flea off.

Bunker Spiders

Lethal Company: Player getting chased by Bunker spiderDon’t step into its webs. Screenshot by Dot Esports via Zeekerss

  • Hostility: Medium (chases players if it sees them, or if players touch its webs)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

The Bunker Spider takes approximately six hits to kill. You can use either the Zap Gun or Stun Grenade against it to then attack with Shovels and Sign-Posts. Team up with your friends to take this monster out. Avoid the spider webs dotted around, as stepping into these can alert a spider to your position. These are quite easy to outrun, and they are blind, so avoid making too much noise around them so you can either sneak past or avoid them altogether.

The Bunker Spider can be killed with the Shovel if you continuously walk backward while hitting it in the head. The Spider will continue to chase you down as you get the six Shovel hits in to kill it. Make sure you have enough room to move backward as you hit it when it is close enough.


Avoid stepping into their webs as this will alert them to your presence. All Bunker Spiders are blind but they can hear your mic through proximity chat.


Nutcracker holding a shotgun in the Update 45 trailer for Lethal CompanyScreenshot by Dot Esports via Zeekerss

  • Hostility: Medium (Searches for players with its scanning single eye and hunts them down with its double-barrel shotgun when spotted)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

The Nutcracker is one of the Version 45 monsters. Although added for the festive season, the Nutcracker is a permanent monster that’ll hunt players down one by one, like the Bracken. They can easily be killed, however, with four Shovel hits to the body or head. The best way to kill them is to get their attention while having cover to hide behind (typically the corner of a wall) and hitting them as they reload their two bullets.

The Nutcracker only attacks if it scans you nearby. This is done with its eye that pops out from underneath the Nutcracker’s head. It will stand still and spin slowly as it searches for nearby players. You can either hide from it or sneak up behind it to steal the Shotgun.

Masked Mimic

Masked Mimic jumpscare in Lethal CompanyDon’t let this be the last thing you see. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: Medium (transforms anyone wearing the mask or appears as a former employee, that acts like a human but will chase and kill you if you get too close)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

The Masked Mimic appears in two forms: Dramatic Masks as scrap to pick up (Tragedy and Comedy) or as a Mimic that freely walks around the Facility. Its goal is to convert you by spewing its corruption straight into your mouth. The Mimic will primarily appear as loot for you to pick up. The Tragedy Mask transforms players into a Mimic if worn for two seconds, while the Comedy Mask has approximately 10 seconds before turning you.

While you can avoid transforming altogether by ignoring the Masks, you’ll need to run if a Masked Mimic is seen walking around the Facility. They are not limited to the Facility’s interior either. The Mimic can and will hide inside the ship. You need to keep moving, similar to facing off the Ghost Girl. Lure the Masked outside if the Mimic waits for you to take it into orbit in the Home Base. Then run inside and return to orbit via the lever. Avoid the Masked Mimic’s grasp and it’ll fall out of the ship.

You can easily kill these with roughly four Shovel hits so long as you keep your distance throughout.


A Hygrodere oozing thorugh a door in Lethal Company.An iridescent nightmare. Image via Lethal Company Wiki. Remix by Dot Esports.

  • Hostility: High (actively pursues players, but at a slow speed)
  • Can it be killed: No

Evade these blue slow-moving blobs by jumping over them and avoiding dead ends. They are often spotted on stairwells and doorways. Hygroderes are slow, so you have enough time to react if one of them appears. Lure the Hygrodere to areas of the map that allow you to jump over them or get around them. Alternatively, wait for these creatures to pass or use a completely different route to get around these creatures. They can kill within two hits if you touch or land on them, so make sure that you time your leap over them well.


A Thumper chasing a player in Lethal Company.Where’d its legs go? Image via Lethal Company Wiki. Remix by Dot Esports.

  • Hostility: High (incredibly aggressive and actively hunts down any player it sees)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

The Thumper is deaf but not blind. The best way to avoid them is to run away the moment you see them. Make sure to call out to your friends to let them know where the Thumper is. You can use the Signal Translator to tell your friends if you are separated. If the Thumper chases you, try to avoid long corridors and straight lines while running, as these monsters move incredibly fast.


Don’t panic if you spot a Thumper. They will only react and chase you if you are within their line of sight. You can easily get past the Thumper by peering around corners and listening out for its thumping steps as it pulls its torn body across the Facility floors.


A Coil Head in Lethal CompanyBlink and you’re dead. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: High (incredibly aggressive, and actively hunts down players whether they are in their line of sight or not)
  • Can it be killed: No

Keep moving while staring directly at the Coil-Head. They behave exactly like SCP 173 in SCP: Containment Breach or the classic Weeping Angels in Doctor Who. They can only move if you aren’t looking at them. Multiple can spawn in at once, so remember your path back to the main entrance and move as quickly as you can to escape while backtracking and keeping your eyes on the Coil-Head at all times.

Designate a teammate to stare at the monster while you look around to find your bearings and lead your team to safety. Do not attempt to outrun the Coil-Head. They cannot be stunned or killed. If you are at an exit and the Coil-Head is near you, turn sideways, keeping the monster in your peripheral vision, and exit the Facility.


Use the Radar Boost’s flash mode to temporarily shut down the Coil-Head’s movements. Input “flash [Radar Booster’s name] in the Terminal and execute the command to blind the Coil-Head.


Being chased by a Jester in Lethal CompanyA terrifying foe to face. Image via Dot Esports

  • Hostility: High (in its first and second phases, it harmlessly follows players. In its third and final phase, it actively pursues players no matter where the players are)
  • Can it be killed: No

After seeing the Jester, leave the Facility as soon as possible before it enters its final phase (after 30 seconds). Jesters know where you are at all times, so we recommend learning the layout of the Facility, sticking close to the entrance, and retreating if you see or hear the Jester start winding its box. Exit and wait outside of the Facility for five to 10 seconds. The Jester will likely leave, but restart the music box if it finds you again. Repeat the process of leaving the Facility before the 30 seconds are up.

Ghost Girl (Girl in the Red Dress)

The Ghost Girl staring at a player in Lethal Company.This is why I don’t want kids. Image via Zeekerss

  • Hostility: High (targets one player at a time, but pursues them endlessly both inside and outside of buildings)
  • Can it be killed: No

Anyone haunted should tell their teammates and attempt to escape via the Home Base. The haunted person cannot evade the Girl in the Red Dress. There are currently no ways to defeat her, and she can instantly kill you if she touches you. You aren’t safe on ladders, on top of the Home Base, or outside of the Facility. She’ll follow you everywhere. The only way to counter her is to keep moving and hopping in and out of the Facility to reset her spawn.


If the Girl in the Red Dress kills her target, their head will explode. However, killing her prey doesn’t mean the rest of the remaining crew is safe. She’ll select a new target to haunt and torment, and she’ll keep killing everyone individually until the entire crew is dead.


Lethal Company's Bracken on a blurry background.The kill leader of every match. Image via Lethal Company Wiki. Remixed by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: High (stalks players aggressively, but backs off when seen. However, staring at it for too long will make it much more aggressive)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

Look at the Bracken for a short amount of time (one to two seconds) to stop it from attacking. The Flower Man will attack if you stare too long. Use a Zap Gun against the Bracken if it attacks and hit it with the Shovel up to four times. You’ll need teammates to attack the Bracken if you’re using the Zap Gun. Looking at the Bracken (not staring) will temporarily stop it. If you see this monster, keep an eye on your surroundings at all times, as it will sneak up on you and break your neck at any given point.

The Bracken is the smartest creature you can face in Lethal Company. Do not assume that after looking at it, it’ll stop chasing you. The Bracken is constantly pursuing your team, so you’ll need to look at it multiple times to keep it at bay. Just remember: do not stare.

Outside monsters in Lethal Company


Manticoil in Lethal CompanyThe only monster that fears you. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: Harmless (ambivalent to the existence of the player)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

Manticoils are completely harmless but can be killed with a shovel or signpost if you want to take your frustrations out over your teammate’s obnoxious clown horn honking.

Roaming Locusts

Roaming Locusts in Lethal CompanyThey really do just roam. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: Harmless (ambivalent to the existence of the player)
  • Can it be killed: No

Harmless creatures that do nothing except fly around in a swarm and flee if you get too close.

Baboon Hawks

Baboon Hawk in Lethal CompanyDon’t get too close. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: Low (worse in numbers, but mostly choose to stay away from players)
  • Can it be killed: Yes

You should run away if the Baboon Hawks group up to attack you. They can be killed with multiple hits if you find one on its own. Stick together to scare away the Baboon Hawk as they are more likely to attack if you’re on your own.

Circuit Bees

Bee hive in Lethal CompanyLeave the hive collection to the last minute. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: Medium (very aggressive, but only when approached)
  • Can it be killed: No

Circuit Bees are harmless if you leave them alone. Use the TZP-Inhalant if you want to steal the hive. Make sure your inventory is empty (aside from the Inhalant) and sprint back to the Home Base using right-click to find it in the scan or placing down a Boombox by the base’s entrance. Steal the hive at the end of your scrap run so the bees aren’t hostile the entire time.

Take the bee hive back in pairs or multiple attempts if you are on your own. Wait until your stamina is full then grab the hive, run as far as you can with it, and drop it when your stamina runs out. Swap out with a teammate or wait until your stamina has replenished to move the hive again. Place the hive at the back of the ship and move it inside after you pull the lever to return to orbit.

Eyeless Dogs

An eyeless dog in Lethal Company attacks the ship. It has no eyes and sharp teeth, ready to tear the player apart.You’re in lethal company with this one. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: High (endlessly pursues players that they hear)
  • Can it be killed: Yes, but only by a bolt of lightning in a thunderstorm.

The Eyeless Dogs take a long time to kill, but you should use a combat strategy of stunning them with the Zap Gun and hitting them repeatedly with the shovel or sign post. These creatures can also die in thunderstorms. They are blind, so avoid making noise outside of the Facility and crouch if you see an Eyeless Dog roaming around.

They can climb staircases on Dine, Rend, and Titan, so you aren’t safer hiding out by the Facility’s main entrance. Avoid jumping as this will alert them to your position. Remain crouched and never speak if you have proximity chat activated.


Dangerous Moons like Dine and Titan, alongside any weather reports, have a higher chance of spawning in Eyeless Dogs, Forest Giants, and Earth Worms, monsters appearing (regardless of the time).

Forest Giant

Close up of a Forest Giant in Lethal CompanyStay far away and use cover to hide from this persistent fella. Screenshot by Dot Esports

  • Hostility: High (endlessly pursues players that enter its line of sight)
  • Can it be killed: No

Try to avoid the Forest Giant at all costs. Multiple Giants can spawn at once. Use the trees as cover to avoid the giant spotting you. We recommend the Boombox to lure this creature away from the Home Base. Alternatively, the TZP-Inhalant is great to retreat to the Facility or Home Base and get away from the Giant if it is chasing you. Finally, the Zap Gun and Stun Grenade can free any teammates from the Giant’s grasp if it attacks.

Earth Leviathan

An enormous Earth Leviathan in Lethal Company.What The Sand (2015) could have been. Image via Lethal Company Wiki. Remix by Dot Esports.

  • Hostility: High (stalks players when they walk outside from beneath the earth)
  • Can it be killed: No

The ground will shake near you if the Leviathan is close by. It stays underground until it finds you directly above it. You will get killed if you stand still in the rumbles. Run backward and away from the shaking ground before it attacks.

Check the monitor inside the ship for the giant red dot that tracks the Leviathan’s movements. You can either transmit a message using the Signal Translator to broadcast the Leviathan’s presence near the ship or use the Walkie-talkies to warn others of nearby danger as they approach the Home Base.

We do not recommend taking any of these monsters on if you are playing Lethal Company on your own. They can kill you easily and are quite hard to avoid. Instead, use the Zap Gun, Stun Grenades, and the TZP-Inhalant to avoid these monsters if you accidentally stay out past curfew.