Blog - February 5, 2024

All missions in Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign

Destiny 2 Falling light is the latest expansion in Activision Blizzard’s long-standing MMO series. Lightfall introduced a new light level cap, brought a ton of new weapons, and introduced a whole new set of campaign missions for players to experience. New missions in Destiny 2 Falling light can be played on Normal or Legendary difficulty, giving players a new challenge to take on.

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IN Destiny 2 Light, players will confront the new threat of Emperor Calus and protect Earth, the Travelers, and Humanity. If you’re looking to start this new campaign in Destiny 2 but aren’t sure exactly how many missions this expansion will include, here are all the missions in Falling light placed in order.

All Destiny 2 Light mission

A neon city with tall buildings and lights in Destiny 2.Explore Neomuna and discover its secrets. Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 Light campaign contains a total of eight main story missions. In addition to these main story missions, there are also sidequests which the player can choose to participate in along the way. Many of these side quests will take place on Neomuna and will be required before players can hope to dethrone Emperor Calus.

Below is the entire list of main story missions available in Destiny 2 LightArranged in order of completion:

  • First contact
  • Inclosed
  • Collapse
  • dizzy
  • On the brink
  • There is no time left
  • headbutt
  • Desperate measures

If you choose to try this new campaign on Legendary difficulty, enemies will be adjusted to match the size of your fireteam. Players will also have their power level requirements met to participate in Legendary difficulty missions, so try to complete the campaign normally before venturing into harder difficulties .

By completing the campaign on Legendary difficulty, players will receive countless rewards throughout their journey. Rewards will include Major equipment upgrades, upgrade modules, Exotic armor, etc. While Legendary difficulty will certainly give players a power level advantage over other players, these rewards won’t come without a challenge.