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All Lifmunk Effigy locations in Palworld

Palworld encourages you to explore its entire map by collecting items in its environments. Among them are many Lifmunk Scarecrows that you will see in every corner.

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Depending on the collection you are after, Palworld Reward you differently. The Lifmunk Scarecrow serves a specific purpose: making your character and Friends stronger. The point is, yes more than 400 of these vibrant green statues Only in the early access version of Palworld—so you’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to find them all.

How many Lifmunk Dummies are there and how do I get them all included Palworld?

The player and their Foxparks are viewing the Lifmunk Effigy in Palworld.These statues are like weeds – they are everywhere. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Among all the collections in Palworld, Lifmunk mannequins are one of the most abundant types. In total, players have discovered more than 429 Lifmunk Effigy statues on the whole Palworld map. This means you’ll likely discover something you haven’t collected every time you explore a new area of ​​the world, although the exact number will likely change over time.

When you see Scarecrow Lifmunk, you just Get close to the base of the statue and interact with it when prompted. This allows you to pick it up and add it to your stockpile, which you can later use to improve your personality and Friends.

How many Lifmunk mannequins are there in each Palworld populations of organisms?

Because there are many Lifmunk Scarecrows in each by Palworld biomes and that number is growing as more and more biomes are discovered, we are using the most complete database of Lifmunk Effigy locations compiled by Map Genie Palworld files to show you an overview.

Full map of Palworld with Lifmunk Effigy locations.Every known Lifmunk effigy on Palworld map. Screenshot via Map Genie

Let’s divide them into separate areas above by Palworld map so you can keep track of them a little better.

communitiesLifmunk Mannequin: In issue #429Forest293Volcano68Snow44Desert24

It seems disproportionate when there is 293 Effigy in the forest biomebut it’s just a general term that covers almost the entire middle part of the map with no clear classification.

The forest stretches from the starting area to the Sea Breeze Islands, Mossanda Forest, Floppie Peak, and all surrounding small islands that are not Tundra, Desert, or Volcano. But the question remains, how will you use all these Lifmunk Dummies once you have them?

What does Scarecrow Lifmunk do in Pal World?

Lifmunk Scarecrows are located all over the map, but you need to take your collected prizes to a specific building to unlock their true power—the Statue of Power.

The Palworld player stands next to the Statue of PowerEnhance my capture power. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can find Power statues spread throughout Palworld maps, mainly in ruins or churches. You can also build one in your base once you reach level six. Use one of the statues that allows you exchange your Lifmunk Effigy to increase Capture Rate when throwing Pal Spheres at Pals.

Is it worth collecting the Lifmunk Effigy? Pal World?

Because there are hundreds of Lifmunk Scarecrows PalworldIt’s worth your time to pick up a few along the way so you can use them at the Statue of Strength to increase your Capture Rate a bit.

However, repeated testing of these improved catch rates has shown mixed results which may indicate that Pocketpair’s coding for enhanced odds is not working as intended. And because you can Craft stronger Pal Spheres anyway as you progress in the game, it’s probably not worth your time go out to grind Lifmunk Effigies unless you’re a completionist or can’t help but grab them if you see them along your journey.