Blog - February 7, 2024

All Kukri Knife CS2 interfaces in a Kilowatt Box

Counter-Strike Knife and finishing materials segment increases year by year and is currently at the beginning of 2024, of CS2 inclusion on the list appeared for the first time in the form of Kukri knife.

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The Kukri Knife looks like a cross between a Hunter Knife and a Navaja Knife, with a slightly curved blade and a shiny finish that looks stunning. of CS2 lighting. The last time we saw a hint of the Kukri Knife was in March 2023, but with the A Call to Arms update, the knife has arrived and you can finally get your hands on it in the game Valve’s famous shooter—if you’re lucky.

Below is the complete list of skins and finishes of the Kukri Knife in CS2.

All Kukri Knife interfaces in CS2

Fade. Screenshot via Gemsri Gregory on YouTubeDDPAT Forest. Screenshot of Dot EsportsHard case. Screenshot of Dot EsportsCrimson Spider Web (Battle Scar). Screenshot of Dot EsportsBurn. Screenshot via Gemsri Gregory on YouTubeNorthern forest. Screenshot of Dot EsportsGreen steel. Screenshot of Dot EsportsSafari Grid. Screenshot of Dot EsportsSlaughter. Screenshot of Dot EsportsNight Stripes. Screenshot of Dot EsportsDirty. Screenshot of Dot EsportsVanilla. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Kukri knife is added February 6, 2024inside Kilowatt case as part of the A Call to Arms update. At this time, you can only get Kukri Knife by Open the Kilowatt box and get lucky, from Steam marketor through trade.

Have 13 ends available for the Kukri Knife, most come in different wear styles from Battle-Scarred to Factory New:

  • Vanilla
  • Green steel
  • Northern forest
  • Hard shell
  • Crimson net
  • Fade
  • Forest DDPAT
  • night stripes
  • Safari Grid
  • Burn
  • Slaughter
  • Dirty
  • wear urban masks

Please note that some of the finishes above, including Crimson Web, Slaughter and Case Hardened, may have Samples vary from those shown in the image gallery. Be sure to check CS2 knife tightly before buying or selling.