Blog - February 5, 2024

All Final Era Class and Mastery Badge changes will be available in Patch 1.0

The final era Early access is finally coming to an end this month, and the first official patch for the fully released game is looking like it’s going slow. Among the big changes coming in Patch 1.0 is a tweak to Badges of Rank and Proficiency; they will receive what many players believe is a much-needed visual update.

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Here are all the details about the long wait The final era change badge.

The final era: All changes to Class Badges and Mastery in Version 1.0

All Class and Mastery badges: Old (Left) and New (Right). Image via Eleventh Hour Games

The Classes and Mastery Badges was given something much needed Visual updates for the official launch and you can download them from the official page The final era website.

While some badges remain similar to old badges, such as the Primalist, all 20 badges have received updates, whether it’s completely new designs, like the Necromancer, Runemaster, and Warlock or general improvements, as you can see in the image of the Lich.

All 20 models have been enhanced with color and when combined with the new designs, they are unremarkable and truly represent each class and expertise.

IN The final eraHave five classesand each Class has three fluentor Subclasses, as they are called in other ARPGs and RPGs. While players won’t be able to play the Falconer and Warlock during early access, which is why they’re grayed out in the old Badge circle, they will be playable when Patch 1.0 launches. If you are not familiar with it The final eraor if you’re curious about all the Classes and Masteries that will be playable from Patch 1.0, here are all 5 classes and 15 Masteries in The Last Era:

  • magician:
    • Runemaster: A mage weaves raw arcane power into offensive and defensive wards.
    • Magic: A mage uses a sword and shield to face enemies at close range.
    • Magician: A user of arcane magic that can damage their enemies from afar.
  • Primitivist:
    • magician: A living storm who uses nature to bring the world and his enemies to their knees using totems.
    • Master Beast: A powerful warrior who uses the power of his beastly friends to defeat his enemies.
    • Druids: He bends nature to take the form of dangerous creatures to protect his creator’s world.
  • Acolyte:
    • Calendar: A student uses blood and death to empower himself at the expense of his own health.
    • Necromancer: She uses flesh, bones, and blood to summon creatures of darkness to do her bidding.
    • Magician: They tear apart their enemies to corrupt and distort their spirits with curses and forbidden magic.
  • Fake:
    • Swordsman: A deadly woman who is agile and her sword is almost performing a deadly dance.
    • Archer: She is agile and deals quick, long-range damage with her arrows
    • Eagle: She deploys traps and uses her birds of prey to survive.
  • Guards:
    • Protect the forge: A defender masters weapons, armor, and metals to dominate and destroy his enemies.
    • Void Knight: A sentinel took hold of the voice and used it to destroy his enemies from the inside out.
    • Knight: A warrior of light who specializes in healing and taking down enemies with holy fire.

Although the premise of each Class and Mastery in The final era remains the same at launch, the visual update to badges really brings out the feel of each respective Class and Mastery.