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All Elizabeth Requests in Persona 3 Reload

We cannot blame you if you get distracted while completing the long list of Elizabeth Requests as you ascend through the Tartarus tower in Persona 3 Reload, especially considering she throws so many strange ones your way.

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Here are all the Elizabeth Requests in Persona 3 Reload.


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Persona 3 Reload: Elizabeth Requests, listed

Velvet room on ground one in Tarturus tower in Persona 3 ReloadVisit Elizabeth in the Velvet Room to hand her items relevant to her Request. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You must defeat The Priestess in the Tartarus tower to unlock Elizabeth’s Requests. These are side quests that give you cosmetics, materials, money, and other rewards. Elizabeth Requests can have deadlines, giving you a restricted amount of time to complete. Some Requests follow others and are only unlocked by completing a specific Request.

Here is every Elizabeth Request in Persona 3 Reload, in chronological order.

May Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardBring me a muscle drinkMay. 10–Go to Aohige Pharmacy and purchase for 1,000 yen.Five Soul DropsRetrieve the first old documentMay. 10–Found on Tartarus floor 22.10,000 yenShadow hunting milestoneMay. 10–Defeat 100 ShadowsThree Cure WatersTreasure hunting milestoneMay. 10–Open 50 treasure chestsTwo Snuff SoulsCreate a Persona that’s level 13 or aboveMay. 10––Three Bufula GemsCreate a Persona with KouhaMay. 10–Fuse Valkyrie and ArchangelFierce SutraBring me a Juzumaru swordComplete Request #2–Found in Arqa or Thebel in treasure chests that require three Twilight Fragments to open.Makouha Skill CardExperiment with fortunetellingMay. 10–Ask a fortune teller about rare Shadows in Tartarus in Club Escapade.Three Speed IncenseI’d like to try all kinds of drinksMay. 10–Find 12 different drinks from the vending machines at Dorm, Iwatodai Station, Port Island Station, and Iwatodai Strip Mall.Media Skill CardI’d like to try a beef bowlComplete Request #1–Read the Umiushi Fan Book at the Net Café and head to Umiushi in Iwatodai Strip Mall to purchase the bowl for 300 yen.Male UniformsPlease prevail in the Big Eater ChallengeComplete Request #9–Complete the Big Eater Challenge at Wilduck Burger at night. Select “look away from burgers,” “eat without stopping,” and “imagine something sour.”Three Twilight FragmentBring me Pine ResinMay. 10June. 6In the evening, talk to Yukari in the dorms for a Pine Resin. Toy BowBring me a handheld game consoleMay. 10June. 6 In the evening, speak to Junpei at the dorms.Pixel VestRetrieve the second old documentMay. 10–Found on Tartarus floor 43.20,000 yenShadow hunting milestone twoComplete Request #3–Defeat 200 ShadowsThree Umugii WatersTreasure hunting milestone twoComplete Request #4–Open 100 treasure chestsTwo Chewing SoulsFusion Series one: Emperor OberonMay. 10–Get Oberon by fusing Limin or Neko Shogun with Unicorn. Level up the Persona to level 17 to unlock Mazio.Female Uniforms Elizabeth is embarassed while Igor is looking as creepy as everGo to the menu and select Quest to check for any new Elizabeth Requests. Screenshot by Dot Esports

June Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardI’d like to be gifted a bouquet of flowersJune. 13–Buy a Rose Bouquet (2,000 yen) at the Rafflesia in Port Island Station.Female Winter GarbI want Jack Frost dollsComplete Request #18–Get three dolls at the Crane Game in Paulownia Mall on Saturdays.Three Twilight FragmentsBring me some potent medicineJune. 13–Get the medicine from the nurses’ office.Steel PipeRetrieve the third old documentJune. 13–Found on Tartarus floor 69.30,000 yenShadow hunting milestone threeJune. 13–Defeat 300 Shadows.Three BeadsPersona Fusion milestoneJune. 13–Fuse Personas a total of 20 times.Five Twilight FragmentsCreate a Persona that’s level 23 or aboveJune. 13––Sugar KeyFusion Series two: Chariot MithrasJune. 13–Fuse Chariot with Oberon and Tam Lin for a Mithras. Level up to 26 using the Chariot Social Link.Male Winter GarbBring me an Onimaru KunitsunaJune. 13–Find in locked chest on floor 54 in Arqa.Crit Rate Boost Skill CardBring me a triangular swordJune. 13July. 5Talk to Mitsuru at night in the dorms to get the Fencing Epee.Gallant SneakersBring me a protein not for prosJune. 13July. 5Talk to Akihiko at night in the dorms to get the Amateur Protein.Spiked BatI want to look fashionableJune. 13July. 5Get the Black Quartz in Arqa from the Lustful Snake, trade this for the Designer Glasses in Club Escapade.Five Power Incense I

July Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardRetrieve the fourth old documentJuly. 9–Found on Tartarus floor 92.40,000 yenShadow hunting milestone fourComplete Request #22–Defeat 450 Shadows.Two Kamimusubi WaterTreasure hunting milestone threeComplete Request #16–Open 150 treasure chests.Six Snuff SoulsPersona Fusion milestone twoComplete Request #23–Fuse Personas 35 times.Five Twilight FragmentsCreate a Persona with Torrent ShotJuly. 9–Fuse a Mokoi with Lamia to get a Matador. Torrent Shot is obtained at level 22.Three Attack MirrorsFusion Series three: Hermit MothmanJuly. 9–Get the Vibrant Feather from the level 82 boss in Tartarus. Fuse Mothman with Agilao.Maid OutfitDefeat a rare Shadow oneJuly. 9–Defeat rare Shadow found in Yabbashah.Seven OnyxTraverse the Monad PassageJuly. 9–Beat the bosses in Monad Passage after completing the 80th floor.Black SwordI want to eat some chilled taiyakiJuly. 9–Buy Lukewarm Taiyaki for 200 yen at the school and refrigerate overnight in the dorm.Nihil ClothLet me hear music unique to GekkoukanJuly. 9–Get Gekkoukan Boogie from the PA Room in school.Female UniformsI’d like to see a pair of Max Safety ShoesJuly. 9–Buy from Tanaka Commodities on July 12. Three Twilight FragmentsBring me the mysterious person’s autographJuly. 9–Reach Hermit Social Link level four for Tanaka to spawn in Paulownia Mall.Nihil BladePlease feed the catJuly. 9–Get four Super Cat Food from Aohige Pharmacy, head to Port Island for the cat and feed it on four separate days.Male Summer GarbBring me a Christmas starJuly. 9Aug. 4Speak to Fuuka in the dorm at night.Jack’s GlobesI wish to feel the oceanJuly. 9–Go to Yakushima Beach (July 20) and bring back either Strange Seaweed, Pretty Seashell, Small Crab, or Yakushima Wood for Elizabeth.Five Amethysts A bird sitting on traffic lights in Persona 3 Reload openingRemember to check for possible deadlines on Elizabeth’s Requests. Screenshot by Dot Esports

August Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardRetieve the fifth old documentAug. 8–Found on Tartarus floor 11850,000 yenShadow hunting milestone fiveComplete Request #31–Defeat 600 ShadowsTwo Bead ChainsTreasure hunting milestone fourComplete Request #20–Open 200 treasure chestsTwo Precious EggsPersona Fusion milestone threeAug. 8–Fuse Personas 50 timesFive Twilight FragmentsCreate a Persona that’s level 38 or aboveAug. 8––MarionettePerform King & IAug. 8–Create Black Frost by fusing Jack Frost, Jack-o’-Lantern, and King Frost.Three Guard Incense IIBring me an Outenta MitsuyoAug. 8–Find a Outenta Mitsuyo Sword in Yabbashah.Multi-Target Boost Skill CardI’d like to try a home-cooked mealAug. 8–Cook with someone in the kitchen inside the dorm.Legendary CleaverI’d like to see a mysterious potatoAug. 8–Grow a Tarakaja Potato on the dorm rooftop.Ergotite ShardAttempt a hundred shrine visitsAug. 8–Go to Monetary Offering Shrine at the Naganaki Shrine three times for the 500-Yen Bill.Lime SwimwearI’d like to see proof of a bondAug. 8–Reach max level on any Social Link.Space BadgeLook for a drink with my nameAug. 8–Go to Que Sera Sera bar in Port Station Island for a Queen Elizabeth bottle.AS Generic MatierlaI’d like to try AojiruAug. 8–Trade a Vintage Yagen for the Aohige Aojiru at the Pharmacy. Get the Yagen from the Antique Store for Turquoise and two Topaz.Eight Twilight FragmentsI wish to become a straw millionaireAug. 8Aug. 31Trade Bandage Wrap with the Fierce Looking Delinquent in Station Outskirts. Then trade the now obtained Student Handbook for the Irresistible Catnip by interacting with the Flustered Student in Port Island Station. Finally, trade the Catnip for the Cat Ear Headband by seeing the Cat-Loving Boy at Iwatodai Strip Mall.20 Turquoise

September Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardRetrieve the sixth old documentSep. 10–Found on Tartarus floor 14470,000 yenShadow hunting milestone sixComplete Request #46–Defeat 800 Shadows.SomaCreate a Persona that’s level 46 or aboveSep. 10––Two Atrophying SutraFusion Series four: Lovers TitaniaSep. 10–Fuse Black Frost with Throne to make Titania.Male UniformFusion Series five: Magician RangdaSep. 10Sep. 10–Fuse Titania with Sarasvati for Rangda. Have a high Magician Social Link or level up Rangda to level 54.Female Summer GarbDefeat a rare Shadow twoSep. 10–Find the rare Shadow in Tziah.TopazBring me an Ote-gineSep. 10–Find the weapon in Tziah boss floor.Quality Nihil OreBring me a giant, creepy dollSep. 10–Get the Anatomical Model from the Science Lab in Gekkoukan High.Quality Nihil BladeFind me a beautiful tileSep. 10Use the tile tile for Request #92Win Rock, Paper, Scissors at Mahjong Parlor Red Hawk in Port Island Station. Scrub BrushBring me a fruit knifeSep. 10Oct. 2Speak to Aragaki at night in the dorm.Bus Stop SignBring me oilSep. 10Oct. 2Speak to Aigis at night in the dorm.Rocket Punch Makoto in the opening scene for Persona 3 ReloadSome Requests are specific to trips you can go on. Don’t forget to check for these Requests as you can easily miss them. Screenshot by Dot Esports

October Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardRetrieve the seventh old documentOct. 6–Found on Tartarus floor 172.90,000 yenFusion Series six: Strength SiegfriedOct. 6–Fuse a Siegfried and use Endure Skill Card.Sky SundressFusion Series seven: Hierophant DaisoujouOct. 6–Get a Regenerate III Skill Card from Mayoido Antiwues in Paulownia Mall, and fuse Daisoujou with Hariti and Suzaku.Blue ShortsBring me a Mikazuka MunechikaOct. 6–Purchase from Mayoido Antiques for a Qualoty Nihil Blade, three Emeralds, and two Silver Quartz.Endure Skill CardI’d like to try sushiOct. 6–With max level Academics, go to the Inari Shrine at the Naganaki Shrine to get the Inari Sushi.Ergotite ChunkBring me a Sengoku-era HelmOct. 6–Go to the Faculty Office seven times and talk to Mr Ono each time to get the Kanetsugu’s Helm on the seventh visit.Seven Twilight FragmentsBring me a glasses wipeOct. 6Nov. 1Talk to Ikutsuki at the dorms.Three GarnetI’d like to walk around Paulownia MallOct. 6–Show Elizabeth around the Paulownia Mall.Small CheongsamI’d like to visit Iwatodai StationOct. 6–Show Elizabeth Iwatodai Station.Book of the AncientsI’d like to visit Naganaki ShrineComplete 50 Requests–Show Elizabeth Naganaki Shrine.Vitality SashI’d like to visit Gekkoukan HighComplete 70 Requests–Show Elizabeth Gekkoukan High.Sorcerer’s Mask

November Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardI’d like to visit your roomComplete 80 Requests–Show Elizabeth your dorm room.Tyrant’s HornRetrieve the last old documentNov. 6–Found on Tarturus floor 198120,000 yenCreate a Persona with Tempest SlashNov. 6–Found on Tarturus floor 226150,000 yenFusion Series eight: Death AliceNov. 6–After reaching level 68, fuse Lilim, Pixie, Narcissus, and Titania for Alice.Maid OutfitFusion Series nine: Fool LokiNov. 6–Reach max level on Fool Social Link and fuse Succubus and Seth for Loki.MasakadosDefeat a Greed ShadowNov. 6–Get the Gold Medal from the Greed Shadow in Harabah. Life Aid Skill CardBring me a Rai KunimitsuNov. 6–Find in locked chests in Harabah.Prime Nihil oreGo clean a restroomNov. 6–Clean the restroom in the Port Island Station.Maid OutfitGo water the flowersComplete Request #75–Water the flowers on the Gekkoukan High rooftop.Maid OutfitBring me food for a furry friendNov. 6Nov. 30Talk to Koromaru at night in the dorms.Three BonesBring me a Featherman R action figureComplete Request #90Nov. 30Talk to Amada at night in the dorms.Sacrificial DollI’d like to try Oden JuiceNov. 6–Talk to the Friendly Student in Gekkoukan High. Go to Kyoto and pick up a Durian Soda, Jumbo Juice, and V6 from the Godaigo Inn. Trade and pay 5,000 yen to the Friendly Student for Oden Juice.Winter UniformBring me my Christmas presentNov. 6Dec. 25Find the Thank You Note after saving someone in Tartarus. Show this to the Eccentric Man in Iwatodai Strip Mall for the Santa Hat. Give this to Elizabeth.Three RubyFusion Series 10: Tower MasakadoComplete Request #87–Fuse Bishamontent, Jikokuten, Koumokuten, and Zouchouten for Masakado. Use the Charge Skill Card to get a Masakado Charge Persona.Two Nihil White ModelsDefeat the Shadow of the VoidNov. 6–Defeat the Shadow of the Void at Monad Passage on Tartarus floor 255.Dead Moon’s HuskTake out the ultimate adversaryNov. 6–Defeat Elizabeth by entering the final door in Monad Passage on New Game Plus.Omnipotent Orb Makoto talking in the Persona 3 Reload openingThere isn’t a rush. Take your time to enjoy each side quest in Persona 3 Reload. Screenshot by Dot Esports

December Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardRetrieve the progress reportDec. 4–Found on Tartarus 226th floor.150,000 yenCreate a Persona with Auto-MarakuDec. 4–Complete Yukari Social Link and fuse Cybele Lovers Persona. Auto-Maraku is learnt at level 70.Debilitator SutraBring me a Dojigiri YasutsunaDec. 4–Head to Harabah floor 212 and unlock a chest using three Twilight Fragments.AS Refined Material

January Requests

Request nameUnlock dateDeadlineHow to completeRewardBring me a Tonbo-kiriJan. 1–Purchase the Tonbo-kiri in Mayoido Antiques, Paulownia Mall. Requires one Prime Nihil Blade, five Diamonds, and two Gold Quartz.Two Nihil Black ModelBring me Bloody ButtonJan. 1–Defeat the Reaper to get the Bloody Button.Divine Pillar