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All Death Stranding 2: On the Beach voice actors and actresses

Like the first game, the cast of Death Stranding 2: On the beach filled with big-name celebrities and other famous faces not usually associated with video games.

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So first Death Stranding 2 Due out in 2025, we’ve rounded up every cast member confirmed for the sequel, along with the characters they play and their role in the story. We will also update the list periodically if Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions reveal additional members of the main cast.

Death Stranding 2: On the beach Cast list

Sam Porter Bridge—Norman Reedus

Death Stranding 2 Sam Bridges Norman ReedusReady for another cross-country trip, Sam? Screenshot by Dot Esports via PlayStation YouTube

It’s not surprising that Norman Reedus took on the role of protagonist Sam Porter Bridges so he could embark on another trek through the post-apocalyptic world. Although Reedus has lent his voice to a few before Zombie game that he plays series regular Daryl Dixon, Death trapped is easily his biggest and most famous video game role (which he luckily missed out on The Walking Dead: Fate). It’s been a while since the last game, it’ll be interesting to see how Sam has changed since he started raising baby Lou.

Fragile—Léa Seydoux

Death Stranding 2 Lea Seydoux is fragileAlways nice to see a friendly face. Screenshot by Dot Esports via PlayStation YouTube

Another familiar face is French actress Léa Seydoux as Fragile, one of Sam’s allies in the previous game. Given her prominence in the trailers so far, it seems like she’ll have a bigger role this time around, having tracked down and recruited Sam for a new mission. At the end of the previous game, Fragile re-founded the delivery company Fragile Express, although she now appears to be working at a new company called Drawbridge according to the January 2024 State of Play trailer.

???—Elle Fanning

Death Stranding 2 Elle FanningWho should you be? Screenshot by Dot Esports via PlayStation YouTube

American actress Elle Fanning makes her video game debut with Trapped death 2mainly appears in films and television shows, including comedy-drama films Wonderful thing where she played the main role. The film earned her three Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress during its three seasons, but she never won. Despite being one of the first actors introduced to the game, no information has been shared about her character at the time of writing, with Fanning only appearing very briefly in the State trailer of Play.

???—Shioli Kutsuna


— Hideo Kojima (@Kojima_Hideo) November 2, 2022

An Australian and Japanese actress, Shioli Kutsuna has mainly starred in Japanese shows and films, although Marvel fans will recognize her as Yukio, a supporting character in the film. Deadpool 2. She is also a main actress in the science fiction show Apple TV+ Invasion. Trapped death 2 was her first video game role, but she voiced the character Lunafreya in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 15link movie of Kingsglaive. At the time of writing, her role in Trapped death 2 has not been disclosed.

Higgs Monaghan—Troy Baker

Death Stranding 2 Higgs Troy BakerHe looked even more evil than last time. Screenshot by Dot Esports via PlayStation YouTube

A terrorist and leader of the separatist organization Homo Demens, Higgs is one of the main antagonists of the first game and despite his defeat, he returns to threaten Sam once again. Not only does he have a new design, but he now uses a guitar as a weapon, although his goal of causing another extinction event likely remains the same. Appropriately, Troy Baker plays the character once again. Unlike his co-stars, Baker has extensive experience appearing in video games, having played heroes and villains alike. Some of his most famous roles include Joel Miller’s The last of us and Bruce Banner in 2020 The avengers game. He will also appear as Indiana Jones in the upcoming Bethesda game Big circle.

???—George Miller/Marty Rhone

Death Stranding 2 characters George Miller and Fragile in the operating roomMaybe this guy is Sam’s new ally. Screenshot by Dot Esports via PlayStation YouTube

One of the new characters in Trapped death 2, who has been shown to work alongside Fragile, will be played by two people. His facial model was provided by George Miller, the famous Australian filmmaker responsible for the film. Crazy Max movie, while the actual performance will be performed by Marty Rhone. Although there is no firm confirmation, it is probably Marty Rhone, who is best known as a pop singer. However, he has acting credentials and has appeared in several theater productions in Australia.

???—Faith Akin/Jonathan Roumie

Death Stranding 2 puppet characterSure, a talking puppet, why not? Image via Kojima Productions

In the sequel, Sam is now accompanied by a talking puppet portrayed by Faith Akin and Jonathan Roumie. Akin is a German-Turkish film director who has won multiple awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film for his 2017 drama. in fading. Like with George Miller, Akin just lent his face DS2, with the character’s performance led by Roumie. He mainly worked in film and television, perhaps his most famous role being that of Jesus Christ in the television series. Chosen one. He also voiced numerous video game characters, including Jack Cabot in radioactive fallout 4Russell in the day has passedand even a handful of enemies from the first part Death trapped.