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All cheat codes for GTA San Andreas on Netflix

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been brought to Netflix and subscribers can now play the game using their phone or tablet. Once again, you can drive the CJ all over the city. Better yet, you can use it GTA San Andreas Netflix cheats again!

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Let’s face it—everyone has used cheats at least once in their lives GTA San Andreas. Whether it is to unlock all available weapons or lower your police star level, they only enhance the experience and make our journey as CJ more interesting.

Once the game was added to Netflix, players quickly started discovering cheat codes on it. Luckily, when it comes to GTA San Andreas Netflix cheats, there are many.

How to use cheats in GTA San Andreas on mobile Netflix

CJ stands in front of a house in San Andreas.It took me five minutes to fully prepare and buy a house in San Andreas. Thanks to cheating, of course. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To use GTA San Andreas Netflix scam, go to Preferences and enter the Accessibility tab. There, select the option to Enter the cheat code. You will then have the option to enter a cheat code. Enter any code you need at the moment or test out things you didn’t even know you needed!

All GTA San Andreas Netflix cheats

Cheat codes are available on the Netflix version GTA San Andreas the same as what is available on the PC version. Here is the complete list of GTA San Andreas Netflix scam!

TypeDescriptionNameCodePlayerGet full health and armor, and 250,000$INEEDSOMEHELPHESOYAMweaponsWeapon Set 1, Thug ToolsTHUGSARMOURYLXGIWYLweaponsWeapon Set 2, Professional ToolsPROFESSIONALSKITKJKSZPJweaponsWeapon Set 3, NutterNUTTERSTOYSUZUMYMW ToolsPlayerInfinite AmmoFULLCLIPWANRLTWPlayerAdrenaline mode TAKEACHILLPILLMUNASEFPlayerSuper big jumpKANGAROOLFGMHALPlayerSuicideGOODBYECRUELWORLDSZCMAWOMean of transportationTarget free weapons at vehiclesIWANNADRIVEBYOUIQDMWPlayerHitman skill stats with all weaponsPROFESSIONALKILLERNCSGDAGPlayerInfinite Lung CapacityMANFROMATLANTISCVWKXAMMean of transportationMaximum vehicle indexNATURALTALENTVQIMAHAPlayerMaximum fatWHOATEALLTHEPIESBTCDBCBPlayerMaximum MuscleBUFFMEUPJYSDSODPlayerMaximum respectWORSHIPMEOGXSDAGPlayerMaximum sex appealHELLOLADIESEHIBXQSPlayerMaximum enduranceICANGOALLNIGHTVKYPQCFPlayerNever hungryIAMNEVERHUNGRYAEDUWNVReproductionJetpack spawnROCKETMANYECGAAReproductionAlthough bornLETSGOBASEJUMPINGAIYPWZQPPlayerSemi-infinite health (ammo and fire)NOONECANHURTMEBAGUVIXPlayerSuper punchSTINGLIKEABEEIAVENJQPlayerNo fat and muscleLEANANDMEANKVGYZQKWantSix-star wanted levelBRINGITONLJSPQKWantReduced wanted levelTURNDOWNTHHEATASNAEBWantIncreased wanted levelTURNUPTHEHEATOSRBLHHWantWanted level keyIDOASIPLEASEAEZAKMINPCGang members everywhereONLYHOMIESALLOWEDMROEMZHNPCGangs rule the streetsBETTERSTAYINDOORSBIFBUZZNPCRecruit anyone (Rocket Launcher)ROCKETMAYHEMZSOXFSQNPCCivilian Recruit (AK-47)NOONECANSTOPUSBBMTPWHRNPCCivilian Recruit (Pistol)WANNABEINMYGANGSJMAHPENPCPedestrian chaosROUGHNEIGHBOURHOODAJLOJYQYNPCThe pedestrian is ElvisBLUESUEDESHOESASBHGRNPCPedestrian RiotSTATEOFEMERCYIOJUFZNNPCPedestrian attacks youSTOPPICKINGONMEBAGOWPGNPCPedestrians attack you with gunsATTACKOFTHEVILLAGEPEOPLEBGLUAWMLNPCArmed WalkerSURROUNDEDBYNUTTERSFOOOOXFTTopicBeach theme LIFESABEACHCIKGCGXTopicFestival theme: CrazyTOWNPRIEBJTopicTopic GIMPLOVECONQUERSALLBEKKNQVTopicRural themeHICKSVILLEFVTMNBZTopicTriple themeNINJATOWNAFPHULTLTrafficNo vehicles or pedestriansGHOSTTOWNTHGLOJTrafficAggressive DriverALLDRIVERSARECRIMINALSYLTEICZTrafficAll green lightsDONTTRYANDSTOPMEZEIIVGTrafficBlack car SOLONGASITSBLACKIOWDLACTrafficPink carPINKISTHENEWCOOLLLQPFBNTrafficGarbage truck EVERYBODYISPOORBGKGTJHTrafficSports carEVERYONEISRIHGUSNDHETrafficCars contain nitrogenSPEEDFREAKCOXEFGUTrafficSuper jump on bikeCJPHONEHOMEJHJOECWTrafficBoat can flyFLYFISHAFSNMSMWTrafficCars can flyCHITTYCHITTYBANGBANGRIPAZHATrafficSmash N’ BoomTOUCHMYCARYOUDIEJCNRUADTrafficThe car floated away when it hitBUBBLECARSBSXSGGCTrafficDestroy all carsALLCARSGOBOOMCPKTNWTTrafficCars are invisibleWHEELSONLYPLEASEXICWMDTrafficThe car has perfect handlingSTICKLIKEGLUEPGGOMOYReproductionBorn Bloodring BangerOLDSPEEDDEMONCQZIJMBReproductionSpawn HunterOHDUDEReproductionHydraJUMPJET ReproductionReproductionCaddy spawns18HOLESRZHSUEWReproductionBulldozer reproductionITSALLBULLEEGCYXTReproductionSpawn Hotring Racer 1VROCKPOKEYPDNEJOHReproductionSpawn Hotring Racer 2JUSTTRYANDSTOPMEVPJTQWVReproductionMonster truck spawnMONSTERMASHAGBDLCIDReproductionBorn QuadFOURWHEELFUNAKJJYGLCReproductionBreeder DOUGHNUTHANDICAPJQNTDMHReproductionRhino ReproductionTIMETOKICKASSAIWPRTONReproductionBorn RomeroWHERESTHEFUNERALAQTBCODXReproductionExtend reproductive periodCELEBRITYSTATUSKRIJEBRReproductionSpawn Stunt PlaneFLYINGTOSTUNTURKQSRKReproductionTanker spawnHITTHEROADJACKAMOMHRERReproductionBorn RecyclemasterTRUEGRIMEUBHYZHQReproductionFertility VortexIWANTTOHOVERKGGGDKPEnvironmentReduce game speedSLOWITDOWNLIYOAAYEnvironmentIncrease game speedSPEEDITUPPPGWJHTEnvironmentTime passes fasterTIMEJUSTFLIESBYYSOHNULEnvironmentTime locked at 9:00pmDONTBRINGONTHENIGHTOFVIACEnvironmentTime locked until midnightNIGHTPROWLERXJVSNAJEnvironmentCloudy weatherDULLDULLDAYALNSFMZOEnvironmentFoggy weatherCANTSEEWHEREIMGOINGCFVFGMJEnvironmentRainy weatherSAYINANDWATCHTVAUIFRVQSEnvironmentSandstormSANDINMYEARSCWJXUOCPlayerInstant deathGOODBYECRUELWORLDSZCMAWOEnvironmentSunny weatherSCOTTISHSUMMERMGHXYRMEnvironmentIt’s very sunnyTOODAMNHOTICIKPYH


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If you are doubting the reliability of these GTA San Andreas Netflix is ​​a scam, don’t worry. Since its release in December, I’ve been hooked GTA San Andreas on my phone and these codes work. Like when I was a teenager, I had fun with jetpacks, five-star police levels, unlimited money, etc. But that was only because I was about to go on a mission on the ship and I wasn’t enough. Be patient to try it.

We will update the list if we find more GTA San Andreas Netflix cheats. You can enjoy some old-time Los Santos activities in your free time while you wait GTA 6 or try the cheats in the Netflix version GTA 3 And GTA Vice City.