Blog - February 2, 2024

All Centennial Park Puzzle solutions in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The Riddler has many puzzles for you to solve Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League, and we’ve got the answers you need for Centennial Park.

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Every area of ​​Metropolis in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League there is a collection of puzzles to be solved, which act as a tour through the city. Some are easier than others, and more are on the way with seasonal content.

If you’re racking your brains trying to solve the trio of puzzles in the Centennial Park area of ​​Metropolis in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League, Rest now, for we have finished the hard work.

Solution “A remarkable figure, the world’s false idol cast in gold”

A player stands under the golden Superman statue in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.Golden glory. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The first puzzle in Centennial Park is easy to complete as you just need to Scan the golden Superman statue towering over this area. But you’ll have to get close for the game to register you’re scanning the right spot.

Solution “In their lair, the Thousands plot, there are too many X marks marking the location”

Look for the hidden doorway. Video by Dot Esports

The second puzzle in Centennial Park is more difficult to complete and you will be unlikely to find the solution during your travels because it is very hidden and difficult to locate. Luckily, I’ve been working hard.

From the yellow Superman statue, facing you, turn around and follow the path to the left of the giant rock. Go through the trees and down into the tunnel, then look to the left to see a doorway painted on the wall with an X above it. Scan it to complete the puzzle.

Solution “To welcome those who come from far away, this sign represents our civic pride”

A player stands looking at the Metropolis sign in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.Sign, seal, deliver. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Like the golden Superman statue, this solution is easy to spot but it can be difficult to get the game to register it, so you’ll have to get up close and personal. Luckily, you can spot this from afar looking for the Metropolis sign.

The sign is located on the northwest side of Centennial Park and is easily recognizable. Simply approach the sign and scan it from the top of a nearby building—I chose the small one directly across from the letter “O.”