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All Bakerline puzzle solutions in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The Bakerline District is an area of ​​Metropolis in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League where the Riddler gets up to his usual shenanigans.

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There are various challenges and trophies set up by Riddler throughout Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League, as well as his signature puzzles to solve in each district. In this guide, we’ll look at Bakerline’s puzzles and the solutions to each.

Bakerline puzzle solutions in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League

Bakerline puzzle one

Let’s solve this problem scientifically. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There are three puzzles in Bakerline and it doesn’t matter which order you find them in. First, let’s look at the science-themed quiz, which states: “Outside the walls of the science center, find something big that was once small.”

The solution is clear thanks to the wording, but you need to scan in the right place to solve it. Go Science museum entrance at Bakerline and you’ll see one Large statue of a molecule outside. This is the “something big that was once small” that Riddler mentioned in his riddle.

The museum is located right on the edge of Wonderland’s border. Screenshot of Dot Esports

It is relatively easy to find on the map because the science museum is a large and unique structure. It is located in the northern suburb of Bakerline, bordering the Wonderland district. Keep going north until you’re almost to Wonderland and you should be able to find it.

Scan across the front of the museum while making sure to keep the molecule statue in your field of vision and you’ll solve the puzzle.

Bakerline quiz #2

The workplace of mild-mannered journalist Clark Kent. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The next puzzle is another one that’s pretty simple and not that hard to find. It says: “Printing jaw-dropping stories, This planet makes the news go viral.”

Any fan of the DC franchise or Superman in general will know this refers to the famous character. Daily Planet Newspaper. The newspaper has its large headquarters in West Bakerline, so head that way and you’ll quickly spot it.

This is an easy spot to spot on the map. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Stand in front of the Daily Planet building and scan it to complete this puzzle.

Bakerline quiz number three

Surprisingly hard to find. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The last of Bakerline’s three quizzes reads as follows: “In Bakerline, it’s the tenant’s choice and there’s the voice of the people.”

This one is a bit more difficult than the others. The solution is Sullivan Building in the middle of Bakerline. The building is quite tall and has the word Sullivan on it, but it’s still easy to miss. What’s not hard to miss is the large skyscraper with the golden facade right next door. If you discover the yellow building, you will easily find the Sullivan building.

The Sullivan Building is located right in the middle of Bakerline. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The People’s Choice clue is also helpful in finding the Sullivan Building, as it is associated with Lois Lane, DC’s most famous journalist and a prominent voice of the people of Metropolis. There’s a billboard with her picture on the Sullivan building, so if you see it, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

Scan the building and voila—you’ve found and solved all of Bakerline’s puzzles. If you’re looking for more, check out our Centennial Park trivia guide.