Blog - February 7, 2024

Access Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition February 2024: Full-time Research and Bonus Guide

Pokémon Go likes to add new content to try and improve the game’s seasonal structure and monthly releases, even if they aren’t always successful. The recent drop is the monthly Egg-pedition Access pass, which gives players access to exclusive Timed Research.

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Every month, Pokémon Go Egg-pedition entrance ticket offers a set of Timed Studies that are only available until the end of the month, at which point another ticket will become available with a new set of rewards. This was first introduced in December alongside the Time Travel content season and will likely continue as Niantic likes to include more paid passes in the game.

If you’ve never purchased content like Eggs-pedition Access then here’s everything you can expect from it in Pokémon Go—includes all Timed Research missions, rewards, and exclusive rewards.

Should you buy Eggs-pedition Access February 2024 tickets at Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go's time travel seasonGet out there and wear your traveling pants. Image via Niantic

Depends on how often you play Pokémon GoThis pass might be worth buying as it offers a number of rewards that will last the entire month — along with the Timed Research that comes with it.

For $4.99, you Get free Incubator every day when you spin a PokéStop, Triple XP for first catch and PokéStop spin of the day, and countless Gift rewards like being able to open and store more gifts. If you take the ticket through Pokémon Go Online store, you also get one Exclusive avatar items themed around Pokémon Legend: Arceus Galaxy team security corps.

All Pokémon Go Visit Eggs-pedition February 2024 Timed research quests and rewards

Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition Access quests and rewards February 2024 page one

  • Catch 30 Pokémon
    • 2,500 XP
  • Catch 15 different species of Pokémon
    • 2,500 XP
  • Transfer 20 Pokémon
    • 2,500 XP

Total reward: 2,500 XP

Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition Access quests and rewards February 2024 page two

  • Use 25 berries to catch Pokémon
    • 2,500 stardust
  • Send five gifts to friends
    • 2,500 stardust
  • Incubate three eggs
    • 2,500 stardust

Total reward: 2,500 Stardust

Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition Access quests and rewards February 2024 page three

  • Earn 25 hearts with your friends
    • 5,000 XP
  • Open five gifts
    • 5,000 XP
  • Catch 20 normal or dragon-type Pokémon
    • 5,000 XP

Total reward: 5,000 XP

Pokémon Go Eggs-pedition Access quests and rewards February 2024 page 4

  • Throw 30 curveballs
    • 5,000 stardust
  • Explore 5km
    • 5,000 stardust
  • Evolve 10 Pokemon
    • 5,000 stardust

Total reward: 5,000 Stardust and encounter with Hisuian Growlithe

All Pokémon Go Egg-pedition Access exclusive rewards February 2024

  • A single-use Incubator from your first PokéStop spin each day
  • Triple XP for your first catch of the day
  • Triple XP for your first PokéStop spin of the day
  • Open up to 50 Gifts per day
  • Get up to 150 Gifts every day from PokéStops
  • Keep up to 40 Gifts in your Item Bag
  • Security Corps avatar accessory
    • Only applicable when you buy tickets from Pokémon Go Online shop

Remember, all this content only works if you purchase an Egg-pedition and Access pass ends February 29 at 8pm local time when the next series of monthly events and bonuses come into effect.