Reviews - June 30, 2023

5 Simple Apple Watch Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Use

It’s been almost 10 years since the Apple Watch was released. watchOS has come a long way, and watchOS 10 revamps the smartwatch experience, but there are still some simple tips and tricks that most people will enjoy with their wearable devices.

That said, I’ve put together five very useful Apple Watch tips that everyone should know about Apple’s smartwatch. Without further ado, let me explain:

Find your iPhone: It’s not uncommon to lose your phone around the house. In general, if you forget where you left something, Apple Watch can help you find it quickly. Open Control Center (slide your finger up in watchOS 9 or press the side button in watchOS 10), tap your phone with the wave icon, and you’ll hear your iPhone ring nearby. To take this Apple Watch tip one step further, if you have an iPhone 15, Apple Watch Series 9, or Apple Watch Ultra 2, you can use Precise Find to easily find your iPhone.

Apple Watch can take photos: Don’t laugh if someone tells you that you can take photos using your Apple Watch. It’s true. Search your app library and you’ll find the camera icon. From here you can control your iPhone’s camera. Watch lets you choose which camera and timer to use, in addition to flash and live photo settings. The wearable mirrors what you see on your iPhone, so you can see it looking its best before you take the picture.

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New Control Center in watchOS 10The new Control Center in watchOS 10 Image credit: José Adorno for BGR

Washing hands timer: During the pandemic, Apple has added many new features to the Apple Watch, but there is at least one feature that still needs to be used today: handwashing detection. If it’s not on by default, go to your watch settings, search for ‘Wash hands’ and turn it on. When you start washing your hands, the wearable detects this and starts a 20-second timer. This is the recommended amount of time to wash your hands thoroughly.

Unlock your Apple Watch with your iPhone. iPhone users can unlock Apple Watch models. Have you ever put your Watch on your wrist and forgotten to enter your passcode? Don’t worry anymore. In the Watch app on your iPhone, go to Passcode and tap Unlock with iPhone. This means that if your iPhone is unlocked and the Watch is on your wrist and in range of your phone, your Apple Watch will be unlocked.

Apple Pay: Apple’s payment system doesn’t just apply to iPhones. Open the Watch app and then open the Wallet section. To pay using your Watch, add your card here. Double-tap the side button and select a card. With watchOS 10, you can add cards right from your Watch.


Like these Apple Watch tips? The best part is that it’s compatible with almost all available Apple Watch versions, so you don’t have to worry about needing a newer smartwatch to take advantage of these features.