Reviews - February 6, 2024

20% off Apple AirTags for Valentine’s Day

Amazon is offering a 4-pack of Apple AirTags Keyfinders for $79. That’s 20% off MSRP and matches the best price we’ve seen during Black Friday. Basically, you’ll be paying around $20 per AirTag. This would be an inexpensive yet very practical Valentine’s Day gift for anyone who owns an iPhone and tends to lose small wearables like wallets, keys, and remote controls. Even if it is standard delivery, the product you ordered is expected to arrive by February 14th.

Pack of 4 Apple AirTags for $79

Apple AirTags 4-Pack

The Apple Airtag is a small coin-shaped device that can be placed in your wallet or attached to your phone, keys, remote control, or anything small enough to be easily lost. It acts as a small WiFi keyfinder that pings your iPhone with its exact location to help you find lost items. In my personal experience, it works more reliably than the Tile keyfinder. AirTag uses Bluetooth 5.0 to find the approximate location of your lost item. However, if your iPhone model has an ultra-wideband U1 chip, there is a “Precise Find” mode that can provide a numeric distance as well as a directional pointer when your lost item is in range. It’s a very cool technique that works much better than “it’s in here somewhere”.