Esports News - Pokémon - February 5, 2024

100 Thieves Pokemon Apparel, Kanto-themed Fashion Released

100 Thieves may be a major name in esports, but they have become more than just a defensive team. They are the source of some of the most exciting collaborations between the gaming and fashion worlds. Recently, a unique 100 Thieves Pokemon clothing line was released.

In the past, 100 Thieves has had similar collaborations with Jujutsu Kaisen, Animal Crossing, and more. The latest version of one of the most iconic parts of the Pokemon franchise has gone 0. In the new collaboration, they will be releasing a range of clothing featuring Pokémon specifically inspired by Gen 1 of the monster collecting title. What’s coming as part of the 100 Thieves Pokemon collaboration?

100 Thieves Pokemon Clothing Coming Soon

100 Thives Pokemon’s new collaboration is another clothing line. In the past, 100 Thieves has released a similar line that cuts across other properties with esports-inspired designs. Other games have also released this type of clothing for their avatars to wear. Lately, the focus has been on Pokémon. There’s no shortage of existing Pokemon merchandise and costumes, but there’s something special about this lineup.

100 thieves pokemon jacket100 thieves pokemon jacket

Source: @RohnJobinson

The entire 100 Thieves Pokemon line includes characters from the first generation of games. Pokemon like Blastoise, Pikachu and some of the most iconic Pokemon in the series. So far they have released quite a few teasers showing off some of the items. There are everything from T-shirts with Pikachu on them to basic clothes, and even more elaborate knitwear and jackets. There are jumpers and corduroy pants with Charizard on them.

The new clothing includes classic Generation 1 monsters as well as 100 Thieves branding. This is an exciting collaboration for anyone who is a Pokemon fan and a fan of the 100 Thieves organization. However, many of the products will appeal to casual fans of the franchise in the form of high-quality, well-designed clothing for fans.

It’s much more interesting than a t-shirt with a standard Pikachu rendering printed on it. Even focusing on Generation 1 Pokémon, there’s still a lot of variety. However, such a type of Pokémon as the Fairy did not yet exist.

More items will be announced as part of the 100 Thieves Pokemon collaboration. All items will be released on February 10th, when the store will be updated with new items.