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10 things you probably didn’t know you could do in Palworld

Palworld is a massive game and the more you play, the more there is to discover. This type of game is so big, there may be some things you don’t know.

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The more knowledge you have about Palworld, the more efficient you become, which means you can also achieve more. This is The 10 biggest things you probably didn’t know you could do Palworld.

10 things you didn’t know you could do Palworld

1) Place Cakes at the Livestock Farm so they don’t expire

There’s nothing worse than cooking a lot of Cake to use in livestock only to have it all expire. You can use a Cooler Box to extend the Cake’s shelf life, but even this doesn’t really seem to help much in the long run.

Luckily for players, you actually can Store all your cakes directly in box in front of livestock farm ARRIVE permanently freezing their lifespan. As long as they stay in the Breeding Farm box, your Cakes will never expire, which means you can cook and store as many as you like without worrying about them going to waste.

A cake with a frozen timer.The timer on the Cake will stop as soon as you place the cake in the box. Screenshot of Dot Esports

2) Fix all your tools at once

Gone are the tedious days of manually working through repairing each tool individually because you can actually quickly fix them all with just the press of a button. Instead of slowly repairing each item separately at the Repair Bench, all you have to do is select R on PC or RB on Xbox to Instantly repair all your tools at once.

3) Quickly stack items to improve efficiency

If you’re like me, you probably spent most of your early childhood playing Palworld Manually move items to and from storage. But there’s actually a super easy way to Quick stacking of all items regardless of whether you want to move them into storage or pull them out.

This will save you a lot of time, especially when you start collecting more items to bring back to your base. ABOVE computerYou can quickly stack items from your backpack into any type of storage by tapping Rwhile on Xboxyou press RB.

The Quick Stack option is highlighted.Learning this was a game changer for me. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Remix by Kacee Fay

4) Turn off raids

If you prefer a quieter gaming experience and don’t want to worry about Raids destroying your base, this feature can actually be turned on or off at will. You can enable and disable Raid in any world by choosing Begin the gameclick on world If you want to turn it off, select it Change world settings option in the bottom right corner and rotate Trigger raid event ARRIVE turn off below Custom settings.

5) Have Pals repair your base

Instead of manually repairing parts of the base yourself, you can craft Repair kit And put them in storage so your Friends can retrieve them and repair the base if needed. Only Handiwork Pals can actually do this, but it’s still very useful for making sure your base remains solid.

6) Create a secret room

If you’re hanging out with friends, you might be looking for a way to hide your most important belongings from them. Or if you’re playing alone, maybe you just want a fun hideout that your Friends can’t reach.

Whatever the reason, you can enjoy Build a secret room known only to you. This can be done by building a staircase next to the wall, which you can then climb up to access the hidden room you designed. There’s a chance this will be fixed in the future, but for now, you can build the ultimate secret room and keep all of your most valuable possessions hidden from others.

Players climb walls and stairs to enter the secret room.It’s an easy way to hide some interesting secrets in your base. Screenshot of Dot Esports

7) Arrest traders and black marketeers

Both merchant and Black marketer has large amounts of important goods, including Pal and resources. You really can arrest any Trader or Black Marketer you use any type of Pal Sphere to have this NPC available at your base so you can buy from them whenever you want.

8) Use Galeclaw as the best glider

Don’t ignore the power of Knight GaleclawThis is a Partner Skill that can be used after you unlock and craft the Galeclaw Gauntlet at Tech Tree level 23.

When you use this skill, you basically Use Galeclaw as a glider. When gliding with this Pal, you move faster and can go much farther than with any version of the glider. The Palpagos Islands are huge and the best mounts you can get are mostly in the late game, so using Galeclaw is especially useful early on.

9) Increase the weight you can carry when using Pals

If you’re on a mission to move a lot of stuff but are stuck due to pesky weight limits, you can instead add certain Pals to your party to increase the weight you can carry. This includes friends like Melpaca, Cattiva, Lunaris, Kingpaca and Broncherry. Filling your entire party with just Weight Gaining Friends is a very effective way to make moving items around easier.

The ability of the bronchi to gain weight increases significantly.Check out Pals’ Partner Skills to see if they can add more weight to your cause. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Remix by Kacee Fay

10) Use Pal Necklaces to get more Friends to fight in battle

You can only discard one Friend to fight alongside you at a time, but if you find yourself facing a particularly difficult battle, you might consider crafting a few. . Pal necklace. Craftable chain friends will function differently from regular friends as they are always by your side and will follow your attacks even when you don’t throw them on the battlefield.

This means you can have four necklace friends and one regular friend on the battlefield at the same time to give yourself five allies. Not all Pals come with necklaces, but there are some pretty good ones like Daedream’s Necklace and Flopie’s Necklace that you can get pretty easily.